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Strategic Scrum & Agility as a Choice

June 7, 2017

Many organizations face two key risks in their adoption of Scrum: 

  • TACTICAL SCRUM: A tactical implementation of Scrum that focuses just on the rituals and mechanics disconnecting Scrum Teams from company strategy 
  • DEATH BY MANDATE: Forced top-down implementation of Scrum as a Mandate, which often results in many un-intended consequences that impede Agility 

In this special ScrumPulse Double Header, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma breaks the conversation into two parts to managing risk.  

  • PART 1: STRATEGIC SCRUM: First, we will explore an approach that helps helps CXO’s and Scrum Teams stay in-sync so that Company Strategy is connected to Company Execution. 
  • PART 2: AGILITY AS A CHOICE: Next we will explore an approach that invites teams to try out Scrum using flexible options based on their level of hunger, strategic relevance and agile maturity. 

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