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Suggested Reading: Professional Scrum with Kanban

Prove Your Knowledge of Using Scrum with Kanban

Delivering products is complex work and for more than 25 years, people have been using Scrum to do so.  Scrum is a framework in which you add practices that make sense for your Scrum Team or organization to build and define your overall process. Kanban can be used to enhance that overall process and improve how your Scrum Team works.

PSK I is grounded in the Professional Scrum with Kanban subject areas: Kanban Practices, Agile Metrics, and The Scrum Framework:

  • Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework:
    • Questions in this focus area test your knowledge of how Scrum and Kanban can be used together for greater benefit without compromising the core tenets of either Scrum or Kanban. In addition, this category tests your knowledge of the Scrum Framework including the three accountabilities, five events, and three artifacts; as well as additional related concepts described in the Scrum Guide.
  • Complementary Practices:
    • Kanban Practices
      • Questions in this focus area test your knowledge of the Kanban practices listed in the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams. 
    • Agile Metrics for Kanban
      • Questions in this focus area test your knowledge of the required metrics listed in the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams and how to use them effectively.


  • Professional Scrum with Kanban training

Study Material

  • Take the Scrum with Kanban Open Assessment to get a baseline of your knowledge and take it again until you are comfortable with the content. It is a learning tool and thus does not have the same level of difficulty as the certification assessment. Feedback is provided when you see your results in the Open.
  • Begin by becoming familiar with the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams
  • Read the Scrum Guide, which lays out the overall Scrum framework.



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