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Taylorism With Jordan Job

June 8, 2020

Lots of discussion about Taylorism. It's not as evil as people seem to think. When the work was simpler a process to optimize efficiency and find best practices make sense. However as the work got more complex and our management styles didn't keep up then dysfunction started.

The transition from Trainer back to being boots on the ground back in an organization. Finding that over time he was losing the empathy of what it was like being a Scrum Master. Applying the models in the real world is where things get tough.

Lots of good back and forth about the value of coaching and the time away from the role itself. Should you ask your trainer when the last time was that they did the role and maybe even walk out if its been over 3 years??

Get something valuable to a customer in 30 days or less and iterate on how you can do it better. Solved!


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