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The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum

Continuously Delivering an Integrated The Nexus Framework
Product with Multiple Scrum Teams

Today, organizations want to scale Scrum to ever larger and more complex projects, driving the benefits of agility throughout the enterprise. But most conventional solutions to scaling agility have added complexity and deviated from the principles that make Scrum so attractive. The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum introduces a better approach, reflecting the authors' many years of applying and scaling Scrum in multiple industries.

Three leading experts introduce the Nexus Framework, showing how it enables smooth integration among multiple Scrum teams, as well as highly-effective collaboration with non-Scrum teams working on the same project. Drawing on their immense experience, they explain what Nexus is, how it works, and how it solves agile scalability problems that have bedeviled organizations for years. Next, they offer start-to-finish guidance for applying Nexus Framework principles throughout your own organization. You will walk through forming a Nexus, organizing work in a Nexus environment, managing and enabling a Nexus, and much more—all you need to succeed with Scrum in even the most challenging global projects.

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