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The Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide

Challenges Every Scrum Team Faces and 
How toThe Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide Overcome Them

Unlock Scrum success for beginners and experts alike with The Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide, your key to understanding and elevating Scrum practices.

Scrum is simple to understand but difficult to master. As a framework, Scrum is particularly challenging as there is no formal education tailored to these roles and no comprehensive set of practices readily available to those interested in applying it. The Scrum Guide 2020 describes its underlying principles only in the broadest strokes--from applying Scrum to complex adaptive problems to embracing self-management--but the Scrum Guide is not at all prescriptive about how Scrum Teams work.

The Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide compiles the most common challenges that every Scrum Team faces and how to remedy them. Stefan Wolpers uses the Scrum Guide as a template to structure the content, thus supporting the junior practitioners Scrum discovery journey (categorized by roles, events, artifacts, and commitments) while allowing the more experienced reader to use the book to reference individual problems or situations.

  • Addresses Scrum anti-patterns for both novices and experienced practitioners
  • Offers actionable insights into why Scrum implementations fall short and how to improve
  • Covers real-time course corrections and improvements in Scrum practice

Maximize Scrum success with this quick reference to the most common Scrum anti-patterns and how to resolve them.

"Stefan Wolpers has a remarkable ability to highlight underlying traps and issues for stakeholders, teams, and process. Wolpers documents sources of waste and frustration, an amazing compendium of typical ways progress becomes blocked. Depressing! He doesnt leave us there though. He also recommends insightful remedies. Uplifting!" -Diana Larsen, speaker, advisor, author, and co-developer of the Agile Fluency® Model

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