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User Experience Fishbowl - Join, Learn and Participate

September 30, 2020

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How can Liberating Structures be used to fortify Scrum Teams? Join this virtual User Experience Fishbowl and learn from practitioners how they have used the Liberating Structures Conversation Cafe and/or User Experience Fishbowl to support their Scrum Teams. What was made possible by using these Liberating Structures? What challenges did people run into? What made it easier?

The webinar is a companion to our recent case study. We invite you to try and follow Linda's example from the case before you watch. 

Our facilitators Barry Overeem and Christiaan Verwijs  lead the discussion to help give the floor to participants who have used used either Conversation Cafe or User Experience Fishbowl with their teams. The webinar is a great place to learn not from experts, but from other Scrum practitioners.

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