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Using Scrum at Home - How Scrum can help Conquer Neurodiversity Challenges

May 5, 2020

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Scrum is a framework traditionally used to deliver products and is used across many industries and companies. What many do not realize is that it can be an equally effective framework for ordering a chaotic home life.

There are millions of neurodivergent people. Many types of neurodivergence (such as Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and some mental illnesses) directly affect the frontal lobes, which host the brain’s ability to plan ahead. This has potentially devastating consequences across a lifetime.

Sally Waters’ husband Francis has ADHD, and even with medication he was struggling to cope with adult life. Most productivity systems lasted less than a week. It was only after Sally found out about Scrum and implemented it at home that he was able to move forward.

This webinar explores, through a variety of personal anecdotes, how well Scrum can work at home for both couples and families struggling with these issues.

This recording is suitable for Scrum professionals who want to see a whole new side to their practice, as well as people not familiar with Scrum who would like to learn enough about it to try it out at home themselves.

All viewers registered will receive a brain-friendly ‘how-to’ handout on using Scrum at home, and an invitation to join an online forum where other neurodivergent folks are already trying it out.

Visit Sally's YouTube Channel for more of her work

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