Want to Flow faster? Then get your 4x4 in gear.

June 16, 2021

Understanding the 4 Kanban practices and the 4 Kanban metrics of Professional Scrum with Kanban

Wednesday June 16, 2021 10:00 AM EDT (14:00 UTC)

Scrum is an excellent framework for many teams, but in my experience some teams want or need more.
More data, more visualization, more focus on getting things done. But, sometimes the team needs less.
Less anxiety. Less ambiguity. Less waste.

By combining Professional Scrum with Kanban principles and metrics we have a phenomenal opportunity to ask the right questions sooner, solve the right problems faster and measure more of what matters. In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Jim Sammons will discuss the Professional Scrum with Kanban “4x4”. The 4 principle and 4 metrics that will help your Scrum Team focus on flow and be able to use data to solve the right problems sooner, have better conversations with stakeholders and optimize their flow. Jim will discuss the practices and metrics that Scrum Teams can use with Kanban to focus on their flow and create a basis for continuous improvement.