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Week of Celebration as Scrum Turns 21

October 18, 2016

Birthdays are a great time for reflecting on the past and looking to the future.  So, what is coming up on the horizon for Scrum?

What were you doing on October 19, 1995? According to the internet, not much; most of the news from that day is reminding us of Black Monday, which had happened nine years before. But for what is now over 11 million people who practice Scrum on a daily basis, it was a big day. That was the day that Scrum was officially announced at the OPPSLA 1995 conference in Austin, Texas. Though many of the terms and structure of SCRUM (yes, the original description included SCRUM in uppercase) has changed as it evolved into Scrum, the empirical essence of the approach is still the same. This is both a testament to how good those original ideas were, and how, by keeping things simple, you can create a framework that is timeless.