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We're Moving to Agile: What Are Our Testers Going To Do?

February 9, 2016

Featuring Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

As more and more organizations transition to agile, many still do not understand how testing fits into agile teams. Does it simply mean placing a tester on every team? Or does it mean doing away with the role of testers? Pradeepa Narayanaswamy explains the importance of working in cross-functional teams that integrate development and testing. Pradeepa shares her insights into the keys of agile testing including understanding the agile testing mindset and goals. She discusses the responsibilities of a tester in an agile team and describes the diverse skill sets required in those teams. Pradeepa also shares her ideas on how to manage defects, what to measure, and what to document. She concludes by describing what is NOT agile testing and debunks certain agile testing myths. Review these important basics and align your testing with concepts that may have been overlooked, forgotten, or misunderstood in your teams.

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