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What is the Definition of Done?

The “Definition of Done” (DoD) describes the quality standards for the Increment to be considered “done” and in a state that it can be effectively inspected. It provides to the Scrum Team and organization a common understanding of the completeness of the Increment. Without this crystal clarity, it’s not possible for stakeholders to provide informed and reliable feedback.

Starting in the 2020 Scrum Guide, the Definition of Done is referred to as a commitment contained in the Increment. It is the commitment the Developers make regarding the quality of the Increment.



In this video we discuss the Definition of Done, why it is important and give an example of how it is created. (4:29 Minutes)
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Learning Series
The Definition of Done describes the quality standards for the Increment. Learn why getting to Done is so important, what undone work is, if it’s okay to show work that isn’t done to stakeholders, can you present undone work at the Sprint Review and what’s the difference between the DoD and Definition of Ready or acceptance criteria.