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What is Nexus? An Introduction to the Framework for Scaling Scrum

February 14, 2018

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Many organizations want to "scale agile," so that they can deliver more value in a given time frame. Ideally, a scaling initiative starts with one team using Scrum successfully. This team can act as a model for other teams. However, organizations tend to add more Scrum Teams hastily, and as a result, they overwhelm their ability to be agile because they tend to add more process and bureaucracy to manage those people. Agility scales successfully with a systematic, emergent, and managed initiative, and that starts with the teams. That is why Ken Schwaber the co-creator of Scrum and created the Nexus Framework. Nexus builds off of Scrum and is designed to enable multiple Scrum Teams to work together so that they can produce an integrated increment at least once every Sprint. It focuses on the key challenges of scaling agile delivery by encouraging transparency and a network among the teams. 

In this webinar, Patricia Kong, Product Owner of Enterprise Solutions and co-creator of Nexus provides an overview to the Nexus Framework, its principles and the thinking behind it. She will discuss how Nexus, like Scrum, promotes bottom-up intelligence to discover and emerge what works best for the teams and organization. She uses case studies as examples showing how Nexus can be used, and visits the recent updates to the Nexus Guide.

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