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Who are Stakeholders?

Anyone who is impacted by the outcome of the product and is interested in its success is considered a stakeholder. 

Examples of a Scrum Team’s stakeholders may include: 

  • Customers - users and buyers of the product
  • Internal stakeholders - company management and other organizations such as Human Resources/Talent Management, compliance, finance, etc.
  • Partners - suppliers, vendors and other business partners
  • Influencers - external influencers such as trade organizations, media or industry analysts

Engaging with stakeholders is central to the success of any kind of product development. Only they can provide the feedback necessary to ensure that the product satisfies their needs and expectations.

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Scrum encourages frequent collaboration with stakeholders, and customers in particular. Understanding how to identify and learn about the challenges that key stakeholders face will help the Scrum Team better deliver the value they are seeking.