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Why Product Ownership is Essential

March 28, 2024

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It's "Product Ownership". It's been staring us in the face all along. We sorta knew it. Time to get to work on it! As we aim to become better at creating value, we need to do some serious work on how we add value-delivering capabilities to our products.

From the Product Ownership perspective, this involves:
- Engaging with Vision
- Leading to Value
- Evolving with Validation

These are known as the three V's of Product Ownership.

In this webinar recording featuring Sabrina Love, Product Owner of Courseware at and Professional Scrum Trainers Fredrik Wendt and Paul Kuijten, you will learn what we mean by these three areas, and what capabilities and skills are required to do it. Learn more about the Capabilities and Skills of Product Ownership.

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Learning Series
Product Ownership requires a distinct set of capabilities and skills. These skills and capabilities are described here. Please note that we are describing Product Ownership here, meaning it does not tie into any specific person, role, function or accountability. This learning series illustrates what needs to be done from the Product Ownership perspective when developing products. The Scrum framework describes a Product Owner as a set of accountabilities that a person can take up. In which ca...