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Women in Agile Podcast: From Agile Coach & Consultant to Agile Career Coach – Nada Buhendi | 2118

May 5, 2021

Nada Buhendi, former management consultant turned career coach, joins Women In Agile Podcast host Leslie Morse for a discussion where she shares her story and perspectives on career agility and what she sees impacting both job seekers and those looking to hire agile professionals. Nada does an exceptional job of being vulnerable about how she experienced the workplace and the factors that led her to embark as an entrepreneur focused on aiding others on their career journey. 

Leslie and Nada use personal relationships as a reference point for exploring career transitions and evaluating potential employers. It’s interesting how many parallels they create! The episode ends with Nada referencing the “Doctor’s frame” as a way for approaching interviews and she shares stories of working with her dietician as a way to illustrate ways to be successful meeting a prospective employer where they are even if they don’t seem ready to embrace agility.

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