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Women in Agile Podcast - Agile is Community, Community is Agile – Marjorie Anderson

September 7, 2022


In this 2021 conversation, Marjorie Anderson joins Women in Agile podcast host Leslie Morse to explore how community building serves our teams and organizations. The episode is aptly named after a quote Marjorie drops early in the episode, “Agile is Community, Community is Agile.” As you listen you’ll realize how true this is. During the discussion they touch on the multi-facted nature of nurturing communities and all the ways it has a possibility of serving the work agilists do. 

About the Featured Guest
Marjorie Anderson is an online community strategist who specializes in building community in the association space, seamlessly connecting community strategy to organization goals to drive sustainable value. She is the founder of Community by Association and the Product Manager for Community at Project Management Institute.

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