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Women in Agile Podcast - Agreeing on Boundaries - Chithra Ramachandran and Steve Holyer

December 13, 2023

In this episode of the Women in Agile Podcast, Chithra Ramachandran and Steve Holyer unpack commitment 7 of the Code of Ethical Conduct for Agile Coaching; Agreeing on Boundaries and the challenges that Coaches can have when establishing boundaries with their clients. 

About the Featured Guests

Chithra Ramachandran is a technologist at heart, offering over 19 years of software product development experience, leading global technology teams and delivery of impact oriented high value programs. As a lead Coach in her role, Chithra loves designing coaching interventions, workshops for Lean-Agile DevOps Transformations & Code Craftsmanship.

Steve Holyer serves non-profit organisations, NGOs, companies, and teams on a mission. He’s an agile coach, facilitator, speaker & penguins’ friend helping organisations hone collaboration & agile practice. He’s helped environmental activists, conservationists, late-stage pharmaceutical drug developers, product teams & computer system developers. Based in Switzerland, he works in Europe and Africa.

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