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Women in Agile Podcast - From the Archive: Imposter Syndrome and Finding One’s Authentic Self - Billie Schuttpelz

August 10, 2022

This episode is a re-release of a 2019 conversation the Women in Agile podcast host, Leslie Morse, had with Billie Schuttpelz about imposter syndrome and authenticity. This was the 11th episode of our series and it's fascinating how important many of these topics still are.

As you listen, we hope these words of wisdom from Billie stick out to you as much as they did for us. “What if instead of finding my purpose, I find myself... It leads me to fulfilling my purpose?”

“People are the most innovative when they’re operating in their authentic voice... We shouldn’t focus so much on innovation. We should focus on getting our people to their authentic selves, and the innovation will come out naturally.”

About the Featured Guest
Billie Schuttpelz is an Agile coach at Accenture who is known for her work on conquering Imposter Syndrome, something she has struggled with. A stage actor and advocate for therapy and visualization, Schuttpelz invented an alternate reality called “Oops Land” where people have the safety and permission to fail and also to be their authentic selves. This is in stark contrast to where she often feels she lives: in Perfect Island.

Schuttpelz's personal development journey has helped her take back power over her own life, which has sometimes felt lacking purpose. She shares stories of her Imposter Syndrome workshops, as well as her process going through the Shine program fromTenWomenStrong, and the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) program.

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The Women in Agile community champions inclusion and diversity of thought, regardless of gender, and this podcast is a platform to share new voices and stories with the Agile community and the business world, because we believe that everyone is better off when more, diverse ideas are shared.

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