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Women in Agile Podcast - From the Archive: Responding to Change Without Burning Out – Brandi Olson

August 3, 2022


This episode on the Women in Agile Podcast is a re-release of a 2020 conversation our host, Leslie Morse, had with Brandi Olson about burnout. We revived this episode because of its original popularity as well as because the content is incredibly relevant.  

Listen in as Brandi and Leslie explore how to recognize burnout in ourselves as well as in our organization, how it’s all about prioritization (whether proactive or reactive), and whether having grace within our team can prevent burnout in the first place. Join the conversation online with #WomenInAgile #SmallGoodThings

About the Featured Guest
Brandi Olson works at the intersection between learning, organizational agility, and human-centered design. She says: “We put people in a position of having to choose between doing good work and their humanity, and in most cases that’s a false choice.”

The Women in Agile community champions inclusion and diversity of thought, regardless of gender, and this podcast is a platform to share new voices and stories with the Agile community and the business world, because we believe that everyone is better off when more, diverse ideas are shared.


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