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Women in Agile podcast - Ensuring Value in the Relationship – Vinnie Gill and Tom Cagley

November 22, 2023


This episode of the Women in Agile Podcast unpacks the fifth commitment from the Code of Ethical Conduct for Agile Coaching; Ensuring Value in the Relationship. We uncover the thinking behind the section, its inclusion in the Code of Ethics and its application in coaching.

About the Featured Guests

Vinnie Gill puts people and culture first. She enjoys connecting with people and companies to find their purpose, walking alongside them in their organizational growth journey. Her passion is influencing change at the Enterprise level. She is deeply involved in the Agile community, speaks at international conferences and has a special interest in educating and education being the tool that empowers people.

Tom Cagley is a consultant, speaker, podcaster, author, coach, and agile guide who leads organizations and teams to unlock their inherent greatness. He has developed estimation models and has supported organizations developing classic and agile estimates. Tom helps teams and organizations improve cycle time, productivity, quality, morale, and customer satisfaction, and then prove it.

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