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Women in Agile Podcast: LACE & Transformation Teams: How to Set Them Up for Success – Alena Keck

August 25, 2022

During this 2022 conversation on the Women in Agile Podcast, Alena Keck and Emily Lint peel back the curtain on successful Transformation teams: how they look and what makes them successful. Whether you are using the Scaled Agile Framework and creating a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) or just want to start a successful transformation team across your organization, find out from this industry leader how to create one that sticks!

About the Featured Guest
Alena Keck is a Lean-Agile Transformation Leader helping large global organizations to overcome challenges for their Agile Transformation & become successful on their transformation journey. Currently Senior Manager at MHP – A Porsche Company she is growing a team of agile coaches, leading a Training Chapter, and supporting global Transformation at a premium automotive company as Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach. Being a strong change agent and powering up Digital Transformation, her motto is “Transformation is a Team Sport”.

The Women in Agile community champions inclusion and diversity of thought, regardless of gender, and this podcast is a platform to share new voices and stories with the Agile community and the business world, because we believe that everyone is better off when more, diverse ideas are shared.

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