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Women in Agile Podcast - The Richness & Reflection of Mentorship – Coaching Agile Teams Mini-Series | 2115

April 14, 2021

This Episode of the Women in Agile Podcast is another from the “Coaching Agile Teams” Mini-Series. Leslie Morse is joined by Lyssa Adkins and her mentor, Mike Vizdos. It is a special conversation filled with lightness, vulnerability, and true wisdom. 

Leslie guides Lyssa and Mike through a series of stories and anecdotes that not only tell aspects of Lyssa’s origin story and evolution, but also showcase wisdom on the difference in coaching and mentoring, how to create meaningful connections, mentor and mentee matching, and how to create success and value in mentoring relationships. This quote from Lyssa is a perfect illustration, “One of the things I appreciate about Mike is that he does not tell a story for his own enjoyment. If he is telling me a story, I trust that he knows exactly why he’s doing it, and that it’s for my benefit.”

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