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Xagility podcast - Why organisations need to widen the scope of agile and where/how to start?

May 14, 2021

Carolyn Mumby is a non-practicing barrister specializing in employment law and HR. Carolyn takes a holistic view of legal rules, business strategy, human nature, and common sense to provide commercially sound advice for hundreds of clients.

David Nixon uses narrative processes rooted in classical knowledge and learning. His skills are creative writing, performance, information management, and rehabilitation studies.

Kyle Richardson is a pragmatic problem-solver, interested in understanding team psychology; investing in and improving people; bringing software solutions to market that deliver added value. 

Carolyn Mumby, David Nixon, and Kyle Richardson join Professional Scrum Trainer John Coleman to discuss the importance of agility within organizations and the need for widening its scope.

The pandemic has presented us with previously unimaginable challenges, but the velocity of change inherent amid all the adversity is fertile ground for discussion. The pandemic has revealed the importance of embracing change and the role of keeping an open mind plays in gaining a competitive advantage. Strong opinions, weakly held have surfaced to be the mantra of change.

Join us for an insightful, knowledgeable, and humorous adventure as this group discusses the reasons for and benefits of organizations widening the scope of agile.

Get ready to fold your laundry or grab a cup of tea and listen here. 

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