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You and your UX Professional

July 28, 2020

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Maximize the relationship with your agile team

We all want the ideal cross functional scrum team with all the UX skills and capabilities it needs to consistently produce valuable products. Most commonly UX is a shared service with part time availability. This hour Adam Deardurff, career UX pro, and Summer Lawrence PST, talk about maximizing the time with your UX SME and some tactics to move closer to integrating those rare UX skills onto your agile team.

About the speakers

Summer Lawrence is an agile trainer with over a decade of product development experience.  Product management, research and development, and an affinity to technology led her into agile software development, working with teams to build products that delight their customers.  Her passion is coaching organizations and teams to align to agile principles, apply systems thinking, and instill a continuous improvement culture.

She works with individuals, coaching leaders, scrum masters and product owners on their impact in an agile ecosystem. She works with teams, launching new scrum teams, scaling teams, helping mature teams become exceptional. She works with organizations, coaching transformation efforts and re-aligning portfolios.

Adam Deardurff is a Strategy and Design lead, UX Coach and Design Thinking facilitator.  He has 12 years of experience working with all types of industries to understand people, uncover problems and explore solutions. Playing a variety of roles, along the way, Adam can guide leadership, organize teams, nurture talent and facilitate workshops.

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