Skip to main content Events Pledge for Diversity and Social Responsibility is committed to enabling balanced representation of diverse backgrounds, identities, thoughts, and abilities. We value diverse ideas and representation because without their presence people and teams are less able to solve complex problems.

Often diversity of gender and race/ethnicity are the only considerations, but they are only two aspects of diversity and are not enough. In addition to gender and race/ethnicity, we will advocate for and facilitate representation and inclusion across additional dimensions such as socioeconomic status, physical or intellectual disabilities, cultural heritage, and geographic location.

We all benefit when organizers are thoughtful while planning, and we acknowledge it takes extra effort and attention to coordinate programs which uphold these ideals. If there are concerns about an event based on the appearance of a panel, planning team, speaker line-up, or other group; it is a sign that it is not diverse enough. When at all possible, we will aid planning teams in achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In support of this commitment, we want to ensure events and activities we support or participate in including trade shows, conferences and others take deliberate steps to have diverse and balanced representation across multiple dimensions. This includes, but is not limited to the diversity of event attendees, speakers, facilitators, sponsors, and planning teams. Events Pledge in Commitment to Diversity and Social Responsibility

The commitment to diversity and social responsibility includes adhering to standards for determining which events and activities we will support. The following statements outline our pledge toward enabling a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment for all.

Our organization will only participate in, provide financial support for, or lend our brand power to events and activities that:

  • Have balanced representation of gender, race, ethnicity, economic, and other levels of diversity.
  • Have a code of conduct and/or plan for encouraging a safe and inclusive environment where there is equity for all participants.
  • Make a deliberate effort to create an inclusive environment for those with physical or intellectual disabilities.

We reserve the right to cancel participation or rescind financial support of events and activities that do not uphold the standards of this pledge. Events and activities specifically designed to feature or support underrepresented demographics and backgrounds may receive exceptions to these standards. Participation in or support of events and activities that do not align with our pledge must have written approval from our CEO. 

Please let us know if our organization or representatives are operating out of alignment with this pledge. You may also email to share other feedback.