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How Do I Get a Professional Scrum Certification?

The requirement for gaining a Professional Scrum certification is passing one of our online Professional-Level Assessments with a score of 85% or higher. 

The Scrum Guide, authored by Scrum co-creators Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, is the first place to start to learn about Scrum, and has been agreed upon as the definitive source of Scrum. It is available for free in over 30 different languages. The Professional-Level Assessments, however, are available in English only.

All assessments use the most recent version of the English Scrum Guide as the source for questions regarding the rules, artifacts, events, and roles of Scrum. However, reading the Scrum Guide alone is not enough for someone to pass a Professional Scrum Assessment. Questions often ask test-takers to interpret information and apply it to challenging situations, so knowledge gained from personal experience and other sources is typically needed.

Taking a class is a great way to prepare you for success when taking an assessment, but it is not a requirement. Please see here for a  list of upcoming public courses

If you are unable to find your desired course in a location that suits you, please contact one of our trainers directly on our "Contact a Trainer" page. You can refine your search by country and type of courses offered. Click on "More Info" to send a trainer an email with your inquiry, and they will be happy to assist you. 

You may also take the Open Assessments at These are free practice assessments that will test your knowledge of Scrum and help to prepare you for our professional-level assessments. Please be aware, however, that the Open Assessments are study tools, and will not have the same level of difficulty as the professional-level assessments.  

For more in-depth ​study to improve your Scrum knowledge and increase your chances of passing one of our Professional-Level assessments, we would recommend that you follow as many steps as possible outlined in our Ways to Learn About Scrum page.

When you feel you are ready to attempt a Professional-Level assessment, please navigate to the Professional Scrum Certifications page and select the type you wish to purchase. When you place your order, you will be sent a password within a few minutes. Each password can be used for one attempt only at the assessment. If you pass a Professional-Level Assessment​,​ you​r name​ will be added to our ​public ​list of certified professionals, and a certificate and badge will be added to your member profile. You can use these to display your status and understanding of Scrum.