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How Do I Purchase Multiple Passwords? Is There a Bulk Discount?

We do not offer discounts on assessments purchased from our website.

However, you are able to purchase passwords in bulk. If you wish to purchase assessment attempts for multiple individuals in one single order, all you will need to do is enter the quantity you wish to purchase in your cart during checkout, and then click the "Update cart" button. We will then send you an email with instructions and all the passwords purchased within one business day of the time your order is placed. The assessment passwords are not associated with a specific name or email address, so you may distribute them out to individuals as you wish. However, we ask that you please assume responsibility for keeping track of the passwords and the recipients, as this is not a service we are able to provide.

Our professional-level assessment passwords do not expire, and your customers will be able to use their passwords to attempt the assessment whenever they are ready to do so. Please bear in mind, however, that our passwords are good for one attempt at the assessment only, so please don't distribute the same password to multiple individuals. 

You can purchase assessment passwords here.

If these passwords are all for one company, you may instead be interested in having your colleagues attend an official training course. Unlike other certifying organizations, all official courses have standardized curriculum delivered by Professional Scrum Experts who have undergone a rigorous selection process. You can be confident in the quality and value the training will provide. Those who attend a course will receive a complementary password to attempt the corresponding professional-level assessment for certification, and will have the opportunity to qualify for a free retake. If you are interested in scheduling a training on-site at your organization, please let us know, and we will be happy to put you in touch with a trainer.

If you are interested in teaching official courses and join our professional community, this is also an option. More information on this process and a link to the PST applications can be found via the PST Selection Process page:

There are many perks associated with having one of your employees join our PST community, a few of which are highlighted below:

  • Becoming a PST gains one access to an elite Community of Professional Scrum Experts, as well as our official,, Professional Scrum courseware.
  • Any official course provides each attendee with a complimentary attempt at the correlating Level I assessment. The passwords are sent out from; this removes some of the administrative aspects which you would need to perform when purchasing passwords alone.
  • Students of official classes have the opportunity to qualify for a free reattempt on their assessment.
  • Another additional perk/service that is available for PST's only is, for any official, course taught, we provide our PSTs with insight into how the individual students from that class have scored on their assessment.
  • Private classes where all of the participants are internal to one company are eligible for discounted fees, so it may be more affordable, saving you thousands of dollars over simply purchasing passwords from our website.