How do I use Open Badges to display my Assessment Certifications? Assessment Certifications are Open Badges compatible.  You can download your Open Badges 2.0 compatible badge image by visiting your user profile page at  For each certification you have earned you will see an option to download a badge image or copy a URL.  A downloadable PDF certificate is also available.

Using the badge image or URL you can add your achievement to your Open Badges backpack using  Badgr.


Utilizing your Open Badge for verification of your achievement:

You can provide the badge image or URL  from your user profile page to someone else, such as a prospective employer, so that they may verify your achievement through  Validating an Open badge alone does not certify that it belongs to the person that sent the badge image or URL.  By providing your email address along with the badge image or URL the party validating your achievement can match the badge with the e-mail address using

Note: The e-mail address must be entered using all lower-case characters.  The e-mail address associated with your badge will be the address that you have listed in your profile when you took your certification test..


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