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How do I use Open Badges to display my Assessment Certifications? Certification Assessments are Open Badges (OBI) compatible and may be downloaded and added to your preferred Open Badges solution such as badgr by way of Credly.

Once you have accepted your badge at Credly, follow the instructions for downloading your badge and then add the downloaded PNG image file you your preferred Open Badges solution.

If you have lost your invitation email from Credly, access your Profile and click the “Manage at Credly” button for the certification(s) you plan to accept.

*Prior to August 23, 2021 allowed Open badges to be downloaded directly from the user profile page. Upon integrating with Credly we require you to download your Open Badge from Credly following the instructions above. 

Open Badges that were downloaded from prior to August 23, 2021 will continue to display and validate through Open Badges compatible solutions such as badgr. We recommend that you download new badges via Credly as described above, and add them to your preferred Open Badges solution, replacing any Badges that you had previously downloaded.