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I Purchased a Password Using a Different Name and email. Can I Still Take the Assessment on My Own Account?

While passwords received for attending a course are linked to the participant's name, passwords purchased from our website are not associated with any specific name or email address. As such, you will be able to attempt the assessment from whichever account you wish. Before you begin your assessment session on the page where you enter your password, you are prompted to confirm your how your name will appear on the certificate if you pass. If that is not how you want your name to appear, please update your profile.

While our passwords do not expire, please bear in mind, however, that they are good for one attempt at the assessment only, so please don't start your assessment session until you feel you have prepared sufficiently. We recommend that you first complete as many steps as possible on the following page to increase your chances of passing the assessment:

After you use your password, the result will be associated with your account.