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Standard of Conduct for Assessments relies on each individual to act with integrity and uphold high-standards among themselves and their peers.

By taking a certification assessment you are affirming that:

  • You have only one account.
  • You are the individual whose name appears on the start page.
  • While you are taking the assessment you will not consult with other individuals.
  • You have not received any of the answers to the questions in advance.
  • All answers to questions are your own work.
  • You will not plagiarize the work of others.
  • You will not use artificial intelligence (AI) tools; such as, ChatGPT, Bard AI, or Bing AI to assist in answering any of the questions.
  • You will not share any of the assessment materials - including your answers - with any other individual.
  • You will not prepare answers ahead of time.
  • You will not alter the assessment environment in any way. 
  • If you become aware of any violations of this Standard of Conduct, you are obliged to report it to Your information will never be shared with others.

Failure to meet these standards of conduct may result in your certifications being revoked and your account being disabled.

The Professional Scrum Master III (PSM III) and Professional Scrum Product Owner III (PSPO III) assessments are timeboxed events intended to assess your knowledge, skills, and experience as a Professional Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Product Owner. strives to make sure assessments remain available to anyone. Currently, we do not require that you take the assessment at a proctored testing center or require you to enable your webcam during testing so that we can keep watch over you.

However, maintaining ease of access does come with some rules and responsibilities. 

The inclusion of material copied verbatim from other sources within your answers is only acceptable if in each instance you include a reference to the source of the copied material. However, a quote alone will not be a sufficient answer. Assessment takers must explain why they chose to quote other sources and explain how they feel it helps answer the question. employs techniques to detect the use of Copyrighted and copied material, to detect when answers match the answers given by other assessment takers, to detect the use of artificial intelligence, and to detect the re-use of the same or similar language across multiple questions throughout the same assessment. The detection of any of these occurrences may result in a loss of points, a failing score, or the revoking of your certifications and the subsequent deletion of your member profile.


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