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Using Credly with Certifications

On August 18th, 2021, we announced a partnership with Credly allowing our certification holders to take advantage of the Credly platform to promote and unify their achievements across organizations in one place. Credly collaborates with top global training providers, credential issuers, associations and academic institutions that are similarly focused on the power of verified skills and achievements. Credly transforms knowledge, skills and achievements into digital credentials that empower individuals to connect with learning and career opportunities.

We believe that by adding Credly as a service provider to support our business and therefore our certification holders, those who hold certifications will receive greater benefits from their certifications. As a certification holder, you will receive an invitation from Credly inviting you to "Accept your badge".  This is completely optional and you do not have to leverage this new capability and can unsubscribe from future emails from Credly at the bottom of the email that you receive.

Credly will not use your information for marketing purposes without your permission. Credly will only send you the invitation email associated with the badge you have earned from If you decide to create an account with Credly to claim your achievement, you can manage your own marketing preferences via your Credly profile.

Any questions, always feel free to contact