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What are My Purchasing Options for Buying an Assessment? Can I Pay via Bank Transfer?

We currently accept payment for our professional-level assessments in US dollars via PayPal, and the following credit or debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express (Amex). These cards will allow you to make a purchase in USD, and will charge your card according to the currency exchange rate, plus a small transaction fee (this fee will depend on your card issuer). Please check with your credit card company or bank for further details regarding transactions in foreign currencies. 

If you are having difficulty placing your order, please check to see if your country is supported by our payment processor (all transactions, including credit card purchases, are processed through PayPal). If your country does not appear on that list, you may need to seek an alternative payment method. Many people and companies who are unable to complete PayPal or credit card transactions choose to use virtual credit cards.

Again, we can only accept payment for Professional-Level Assessment passwords using the methods listed above. If your organization requires a bank transfer or transaction via purchase order/invoice, you may wish to contact one of our expert trainers to inquire about attending an official course. Our trainers are responsible for course payment options, and may be able to meet your billing needs for registration in one of their classes. All students who attend a course will receive a complementary password to attempt an assessment for certification. We have a list of public classes where you can narrow down your search by country, type of class, or trainer. Please click on the course link for class specifics (venue, fees, etc.), or to contact the trainer with a question about the class.