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What Do the Professional-Level Assessment Results Include?

Around the world, is respected for our high quality assessments and certifications. To maintain this quality, assessment policies have been developed to support the goals of the certification program and protect the integrity of the assessment while providing valuable feedback to assessment takers in order to continue their ongoing learning experience. 

The assessment results are organized to offer guidance, information and support to individuals taking the certification assessments and those who are planning to take them again. assessment results are provided to the assessment taker via email breaking down the results in alignment with the Professional Scrum Competencies and Focus Areas and related back to the appropriate Learning Path for ongoing learning. 

All certification assessments required an 85% or higher to receive a passing grade and corresponding certification.  Assessment takers will receive and email which includes:

  • Percentage score
  • Number of points scored out of the maximum number of points possible on the assessment
  • Percentage breakdown of correct answers by Focus Area
  • Links to learning materials for each Focus Area 

To protect the integrity of the certification process, does not share information about the specific questions that were answered correctly or incorrectly.  This is in-line with industry standards that have been set for testing and certification bodies including Project Management Institute (PMI), Microsoft and The College Board SAT Testing for example.

View an example level I and II Assessment Results Email