Open Assessments

In pursuit of our mission to improve the profession of software development, offers many tools and resources free to the software development community. Two of these resources are the free Open assessments: Scrum Open and Scrum Developer Open.

The Open Assessments allow you to check your basic knowledge of Scrum and a number of software development practices and techniques that support building high-quality and high-value products in a Scrum Team.

These are invaluable tools for anyone preparing to take assessments granting Professional Scrum certification. More importantly, it's the starting point on your path to continuously improve your knowledge and skills. 

Scrum Open

The Scrum Open is a free assessment of basic Scrum knowledge and can be used as a learning tool when preparing for any other Scrum assessments. Passing the Scrum Open assessment is an indication that you are aware of some of the basics of Scrum. A consistent high score (95% or above) is an indication that you are aware of many of the basics and may indicate that you are ready to deepen your knowledge and take further assessments.

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Developer Open

The Scrum Developer Open is a free assessment designed for people building software on a Scrum team. Passing the Developer Open is an indication that you have a basic understanding of the modern software development techniques and practices used by Scrum software developers. The Developer Open assessment is a valuable study tool when preparing for the more challenging PSD I assessment.

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* Open assessments are free, but you must be logged into your account to take them. If you don't already have an account, you can create an account assessments use the most recent version of the Scrum Guide (English version) as the source for all questions regarding the rules, artifacts, events, and roles of Scrum. If you have difficulties with the assessment tool, check any pop-up blockers or firewalls you have setup on your computer that may be interfering with your assessment.