Open Assessments offers many tools and resources free to the software development community.

Among these tools are our Open assessments. They allow you to gauge your basic knowledge of Scrum, the structure of a Scrum Team, and the fundamentals of scaling Scrum. There is no fee or certification with these assessments. As these are free study tools, please note that the questions on the Open Assessments do not have the same level of difficulty as our certification assessments. 

Passing the Open assessments, gaining working experience, and possessing thorough knowledge of the Scrum Guide and Nexus Guide will help prepare you for our challenging professional level assessments for certification.

Scrum Open

Assess your basic Scrum knowledge.

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Product Owner Open

Assess your basic knowledge of the Product Owner role in Scrum.

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Nexus™ Open

Assess your understanding of the Nexus Framework. This includes large software projects with multiple Scrum Teams.

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Developer Open

Assess your knowledge of basic development practices used on a Scrum Team.

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* assessments use the most recent version of the Scrum Guide (English version) as the source for all questions regarding the rules, artifacts, events, and roles of Scrum. If you have difficulties with the assessment tool, check any pop-up blockers or firewalls you have setup on your computer that may be interfering with your assessment.