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certifying through PSM

Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) certified through the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course are eligible to offer PSM courses. These courses are offered publicly and privately all around the world. View more information about the PSM course.

For consideration to be selected as a PST for the PSM course, candidates must:

  1. Have solid experience as a Scrum Master. Experience shows that 4-5 years of intense experience in the role of Scrum Master is indispensable.
  2. Have provided real-world training and coaching to people using Scrum.
  3. Achieve at least a 95% score on the PSM I assessment.
  4. Submit the PST initial application, sharing an overview of their Scrum experience, explaining their motivations for becoming a PST, and providing a reference who can speak to their experience on a Scrum team with the candidate.
  5. If invited to continue with the process, take a Professional Scrum Master course with a designated instructor (we'll help you identify options.)
  6. Achieve at least a 95% score on the PSM II assessment after the course (limit of 2 attempts within 6 months).
  7. Take part in an interview with Ken Schwaber and receive approval for moving forward.
  8. Provide a formal presentation to the existing trainer community and pass peer-evaluation.
  9. Review and agree to all the terms of being a PST. This includes agreeing to teach only from standard courseware, accepting ongoing monitoring of course content, performance, feedback, and assessment scores, and participating in one in-person global trainer meeting each year. Note that trainers in secondary markets receive discounted pricing on courseware licensing. 

This process helps ensure that the best trainers are identified to begin with, and that only the best trainers remain in the community.

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