Nexus Framework

Nexus is the exoskeleton of
scaled Scrum

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What is Nexus?

Nexus is a framework that drives to the heart of scaling: cross-team dependencies and integration issues.

It is an exoskeleton that rests on top of multiple Scrum Teams who work together to create an Integrated Increment. It builds on the Scrum framework and values.

The result can be an effective development group of up to 100 people. For larger initiatives, there is Nexus+, a unification of more than one Nexus. 

How Do I Implement Nexus?

You will need several techniques to bind the work of the Scrum Teams in your Nexus.

We have developed or reformulated over 50 practices to help you launch and sustain a Nexus predictably. Learn more through the free Nexus Open, our Scaled Professional Scrum workshops and Scaled Professional Scrum assessment where Nexus is the cornerstone.

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