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Actineo are a training & coaching consultancy that specialises in Agile, Scrum & Kanban practices. Our aim is to unleash people’s potential to improve business outcomes. We play an active part in the Agile community and are the organisers of Lean Agile London and Lean Agile Global conferences.

We take pride in the quality of the learning our training delivers. Our focus is to optimise the learning experience to ensure high levels of engagement and interaction, we do this by incorporating advanced classroom techniques such as “Training From the BACK of the Room!”. (Read about how we have redesigned our classes to be optimised for a live virtual learning environment.)

Our trainers are amongst the most knowledgeable in the industry and are experienced teachers, facilitators, subject matter experts and coaches. We actively coach teams within organisations ensuring their knowledge and experience is relevant and up to date. We teach our courses in small groups to ensure every participant actively contributes, discusses their challenges and shares their stories. We deliver the class learning outcomes, but no class is the same.

What our customers say about us:

  • “A great mix of hands-on simulations and group discussions backed up by principles and metrics. Great to get the teams thinking more rationally about workflow” - Glen C.
  • “I really enjoyed and felt more engaged because of the remoteness of the training. I am shocked to say it, but I felt it worked better because it was remote” – Brien M.
  • “This was my first virtual course and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was well organised and informative.  I like the way the course was spread out during the week and you had time to assimilate the information.  The instructors were knowledgeable, fun and engaging” – Peter S.
  • “Really engaging course with Actineo as always. If you want to truly understand how scrum with Kanban can work together, this is for you. Additionally it is not just theory, lots of interaction and an opportunity to ask questions specific to your context.” – Selch U.

With Actineo, you get more than just a training course. You get to work with world class trainers that will help you explore the key learning outcomes and prepare you to apply them to your context. You will get tools and know-how to help you apply what you have learnt effectively and with confidence. The class doesn’t end at the end of the class. You will have access to ongoing support & advice and you will be able to join an active Alumni community of practitioners that provides a great forum for questions and discussion.

If you want a snapshot of what it feels like to attend one of our courses and get a better understanding of why we believe your next course should be with Actineo, then don’t just take our word for it, this diary blog by one of our students is a must read.

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