Agile Patterns

Reduced to its barest essence, enterprise agility is really about mastering innovation at scale. Most organizations are conservative rather than innovative, and can be quite reactionary when faced with change.
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Ready Set Agile

Ready Set Agile turns complexity into awesomeness by utilizing the latest proven methods to foster cultures of continuous learning through world-recognized collaborative training, mentorship, and experience.

Somos un HUB de “Perfeccionamiento”, enfocado en mejorar los conocimientos, competencias y habilidades de los profesionales para que incrementen el desempeño en su rol y así colaborar a cumplir los objetivos de su organización. Ofrecemos entrenamiento en diferentes disciplinas reconocidas internacionalmente. Actualmente entregamos enseñanza en: Agilidad, Innovación, Gestión de Servicios de TI, Kanban, Business Agility, entre otros. Nuestro objetivo es lograr que las personas lleven a la práctica lo aprendido y las empresas puedan medir su impacto en el negocio.
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Integrata Cegos

As a Cegos Group Company, Integrata AG is one of the leading full-service providers of qualification projects and qualification processes, training logistics and seminars in Europe. In existence since 1964 the company operates and specialises in the areas of personnel and organisational development and information technology. Trainings in the areas of software engineering, Scrum, DevOps and other agile training topics are a key focus in the Integrata portfolio. The portfolio covers more than 1,200 core topics and includes classic and digital learning content, learning methods and web-based training as well as virtual classrooms. The Integrata AG has been part of the Cegos Group since 2014.
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Valkir Academy

Valkir Academy persistently supports organizations in building engaged and empowered teams on their journey to delightful product and service delivery.

Agilitics Pte. Ltd.

Agilitics Pte. Ltd. is a boutique Big Data Analytics , Business Intelligence and Agile consulting firm, Singapore Headquartered with presence in India and Middle East and ASEAN Countries. Agilitics Pte. Ltd. is partner of all premium vendors of Big data and have exclusive clientele. Our Motto is to deliver Analytics with Agility+Quality.
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Ross Agile Consulting Group, LLC.

The Ross Agile Consulting Group, LLC. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Our industry knowledge offers over 15 years of proven domestic and international experience leading complex enterprise software solutions. Our coaches are thought leaders within the agile community and provide the foundation your organization needs to reduce inefficiencies. We exercise the fundamentals necessary to avoid poor agile habits commonly found within a maturing agile-oriented organization. Whether you are looking to learn about Scrum for the first time or you are a seasoned practitioner, our training will transform and grow your organization.
Bourk Software and Consulting

Bourk Software and Consulting

Bourk Software Development has been created after a Scrum Master enlighten its founder, Simon. At this point, there was no going back. The only option available was to extend the work of that Scrum Master at a different scale by providing serious Training and Coaching related to Scrum and the best practices from Extreme Programming.
Alpha Scrum

Alpha Scrum

We have dedicated ourselves to offering training and workshop for over 10years. In the meantime, with our knowledge, we have been helping various companies and industries. While our work, we have concluded that they need to learn Scrum to produce better products. We are very excited about offering Scrum with, and they will be able to understand true agile and Scrum.


Since 2010 we provide Agile Coaching, Scrum Trainings, Testing trainings, ISTQB, REQB, IBBQA certification. We are working with broad range of organizations from small teams to global international brands.
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Unstuck Careers

We have delivered training and facilitated sessions for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Coaches, leaders, trainers, and teams around the world. From groups of 4 to 100, custom content to certified courseware, live virtual to in person - we’re experienced and passionate about helping people learn and grow to unlock their careers, capability, and creativity.
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Scrum Taiwan

Scrum Taiwan 由台灣的 專業培訓師 (PST) 們成立,希望以提供專業 Scrum 系列課程及相關資源等方式,在台灣幫助更多人學習專業 Scrum,並以此提高產品價值與組織敏捷性。我們專注在培訓專業的 Scrum 從業人員,針對 Scrum Master、Product Owner、Scrum 團隊、團隊主管提供對應知識與培訓,協助個人、團隊、與組織提高以 Scrum 框架解決複雜問題與交付價值的能力。 Scrum Taiwan is established by a group of Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) in Taiwan. Our mission is to help teams and organizations improve product value delivery and organization agility. We provide Professional Scrum training that focuses on enabling Scrum practitioners, their teams and organizations, in increasing their ability to solve complex problems and deliver value using the Scrum Framework.
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Novatec is an owner-managed, medium-sized IT specialist based in Germany. It has been active at nine locations in Europe since 1996, and now has more than 250 employees. The service portfolio ranges from individual requirements analysis and IT consulting to the choice of software applications and development of high-quality software systems. As experts in agile development methods, we produce high quality products as well as offering introduction and improvement of clients’ own agile development methods.
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Agile For Growth

Agile For Growth helps leaders and enterprises improve agility through Scrum training and Agile, LeSS coaching services. Our coaching and training services nurture enterprises, leaders and teams.
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Smash Dev Shop

We believe that anything can be made better. Based in the central United States, Smash Dev is a software development firm with certified professionals who specialize in rapid digital transformation and team building.
Benjamin Day Consulting

Benjamin Day Consulting

Benjamin Day is a consultant and trainer specializing in software development best practices using Scrum with Microsoft’s ALM tools.  Ben’s main areas of emphasis include Team Foundation Server, Scrum, software testing, and software architecture. 
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leadovation Consulting & Training was founded in 2019 to helping individuals and organizations improving their skills on leadership, innovation and product delivery. With the experience gathered since 2005 within several agile and digital transformations in different economic sectors like industrial sectors, telecommunication, insurance, financials or other services, we’re pleased to let you take part from this level of experience by arranging Professional Scrum trainings.
The Agile Company

The Agile Company

As a team, we believe we can move mountains, we have a positive impact on the teams and organizations that want to develop the very framework their future resilience is built on! We make it our mission to inspire change with our enthusiasm and knowledge of Coaching Agile and Scrum Teams and Organizational Agility. With this mindset driving us in our daily work as Agile Coaches and Scrum trainers, we know classes are a great fit with our own company values for delivering high value classes and helping organizations around the globe reach their goals through meaningful change. The team at The Agile Company stands for high quality Scrum and Agile training, focused coaching services, and real & honest consultancy services.
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Master the Ways of Working of Successful Organizations Wowefy was created to inspire and actively help companies on their journey towards business agility. We partner with organizations on their way to agile success and, by making best use of coaching, training, and facilitation, we help them become the business that they want and need to be. For ambitious individuals, we accompany you in your journey to personal success through a wide range of transformational training and workshops, designed to help you lead the way with agility.
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Boost Your Scrum

We are convinced that, even better… we know that a solid understanding of the underlying principles of the Scrum framework and other Agile ways of working boosts any team. Once all members of a team know and truly understand why events, artifacts and roles exist, they have an enormous insight in how they can use agile to make a huge impact given their context. Again and again. Faster and faster. We are here to bring you and your team(s) this understanding. So that you can delight your customers. That your teams will deliver value each and every month. That you will become the expert that you already are.


Assurity is a delivery consultancy for the Digital Age. Today’s customers expect quality technology to be delivered fast and frequently and they want to be delighted by new innovation too. We help clients achieve those goals by applying the best digital thinking and practices across project delivery and through an extensive education offering.
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Simply Scrum

Simply Scrum is based in Ottawa, Canada, where Professional Scrum Trainer, Agile coach, and Scrum Master Jill Graves helps public and private sector organizations transform how they tackle complex work by applying the Scrum framework. Jill was honored with a GTEC Leadership Award for her role in the Agile transformation of the Canada Revenue Agency.
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Agile in the Spotlight

Helping each business to grow is our main mission. We aim to reduce waste, improve Agility, move your company toward a customer and value-oriented organization. Regardless of your industry, we will help you apply an Agile and Lean-based approach for managing complex products and measuring Agility. We offer a wide variety of accredited courses, proprietary training, and consulting in Product Discovery, UX, Agile Transformation, and Management 3.0.
Target Agility

Target Agility

At Target Agility, we empower organizations to realize its true potential toward delivering service that its customers value. Our mission is to help organizations and guide thought leaders to begin and be successful in their organizational transformation journey. At Target Agility, we thrive because of our market knowledge, culture awareness, and a great team behind our agile coaching, consulting, and training.
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B2B Learning

B2B Learning develops and delivers high-quality training programmes for globally recognized methodologies in the domains of information technology and project management. Being an Accredited Training Organization for these methodologies, we can also provide the different exams related. Our courses are available in English, Dutch and French and can be delivered in various formats: classroom training, InCompany training, virtual live classes and eLearning. Our training center is based in Brussels, but we teach anywhere in Belgium, Luxembourg and other European countries. Our promise is to deliver high quality courses together with an outstanding service, to offer a unique and hassle-free learning experience.
Agile Code Consulting

Agile Code Consulting

Agile Code Consulting Co was founded in 2017. With more than a decade experience in teaching Scrum, we have trained over 3000 professionals across Asia and the Middle East. Our aim is to develop Scrum Teams to be self-managing and to succeed in complex environments in product delivery.
Responsive Advisors

Responsive Advisors

At Responsive Advisors our mission is to provide our clients with a holistic approach to agility. We partner with our clients to help create a sustainable culture that is change responsive.
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Joint Insights

Joint Insights is a company that nourishes transparency every day to help people solve the problems and opportunities they face. By leveraging different perspectives, transparent information, and openness to new approaches people reach a new level of understanding and become empowered to move towards their goals.
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Scrum Singapore

Scrum Singapore is the home of Scrum in Singapore.  We're the first and, at this moment, the only partner representing in Singapore and one of the few organisations globally accredited to teach the entire course curriculum of Knowing Scrum and understanding Scrum are two different things. Our mission is to help you understand Scrum through its values and principles. Going back to its simplicity to trigger maximum change with a solid foundation. We believe that this will help you and your organisation deliver value in the long run. An "easy" statement with a lot of hidden complexity. To do this by: - Providing fun, highly interactive training without PowerPoint slides to help you understand what Scrum is and what it isn't. The power but also the weaknesses of this framework. - Writing blogs and making vlogs to share our Scrum experiences with you. - Organising meetups and conferences to connect professionals with Scrum. - And last but not least, developing awesome products which you can use to improve your Scrum today!  Our classes are somewhat unconventional. We don't do PowerPoint slides, and we don't think the traditional "we talk, you listen" is fun, nor is it effective. Also, we don't like spaces designed for big meetings or school settings. Instead, we've redesigned our classes in a workshop format to keep them highly interactive, engaging and fun so that it sticks!
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Agilist IT Ltd

Agilist IT Ltd is a consulting, training and coaching company specialized in Agile, Scrum and DevOps. We work with teams and organizations at all levels to help them improve the delivery of value to their customers. We do this by introducing new or optimizing their existing agile, lean and DevOps practices. We are able to offer bespoke training adapted to your needs thanks to our flexible and expert team.


We are a proven Agile consulting firm delivering the benefits of Agile to our customers through change management and services ranging from Business Agility Transformation & Agile Adoption, Product Development, Agile DevOps, and Agile Software Development. We use Agile to help you and your team transform the way you work and grow. Our Agile & Scrum consulting services and training classes will take your team’s performance to a new level, optimizing their flexibility, creativity, and productivity. Our mission is to transform our customer’s businesses using Agile methodologies and principles to help them succeed in a flexible, collaborative, self-organizing, and fast-paced environment.
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Mensen hebben véél meer in hun mars dan ze zelf beseffen. Daarom helpen wij hen om het allerbeste uit zichzelf te halen. En te blíjven halen. Zodat teams steeds een beetje sterker en effectiever worden. En organisaties op eigen kracht structureel veranderen en versnellen. Onze gecertificeerde Agile coaches helpen jouw organisatie met de overstap naar Agile werken en laten teams en managers de voordelen van Agile werken inzien. Zij bieden jouw organisatie op alle vlakken ondersteuning. Van Agile coaching en transitiebegeleiding tot Engagement Management en Agile trainingen.


CuriousCore believes that continuous learning in a flexible and scalable manner is key to personal and professional empowerment in our ever evolving, technology driven world. This is why we are building one of the most impactful education institutions for the technology industry outside of Silicon Valley; training professionals to design, build, and manage digital innovation and customer experiences in a scalable and sustainable way.
Edge Agility Logoo

Edge Agility

We believe in providing a competitive edge to your organisations through Agile ways of working. Our training and coaching help people to build new skills in today’s complex world where customers’ needs and technologies are changing at a rapid pace. We respect our clients’ needs and build tailor-made solutions that will provide a competitive edge.
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Berlin Product People GmbH

Berlin Product People GmbH supports enterprises — from fast-growing startups to corporations — on their way to becoming agile organizations. We work hands-on, providing our services as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, or agile coaches in close collaboration with our clients’ staff members, and at a location of our clients’ choosing.
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We are an international team of seasoned consultants, coaches, and trainers. We see building extraordinary capabilities in people as the best approach to achieve profound improvement in organizations. Equipped with substantial knowledge and years of experience in organizational transformations, we offer training courses to kick-start long-term changes and ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS. Ask us about accredited and Kanban University courses or training designed specifically to your individual needs.
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Flow Sphere

Flow Sphere supports Organizations with Training, Coaching and Consulting on their journey to a lean-agile organization. We support Organizations consistently at all company levels. We are passionate about sustainably optimizing the value-add to your business. The participants of our training and workshops benefit from our great expertise and focus on practical application. 

AdaptIdeas Coaching & Training

AdaptIdeas Coaching & Training is a Brazilian company, inspired by turning good ideas into simple, useful and intelligent products. The company has gained "life itself" from the launch of the product called BuscandoCursos and has been inspecting and adapting over the years. Today our biggest challenge is to help our clients think about agility in a more dynamic and pragmatic way.
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Agile Ways of Working

We are in a complex environment and interestingly most of the complex problems have a simple solution. We believe in providing the simple solutions while creating a better professional world. We show courage to ensure the transparency is maintained while enabling people to give their best. Our mantra is – Live Integrity, Think Customer, Ignite Passion, Take Accountability, Promote Innovation and Achieve Greatness.


ITNOVE works to improve the performance of software intensive organizations, the value of their products and the quality of life of their members. We believe in the values and principles of agility, and we use Scrum as the foundation to guide our customers in their journey to agile.
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Our mission is to fundamentally change the way people, organizations and companies view, approach and deliver software projects. AgileThought is a full-service custom software consulting firm, staffed by the absolute best professionals in the business.
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Agile Solutions Portugal

Agile Solutions Portugal is a Portuguese Company that has the mission of simplifying businesses and processes. Our purpose is to ensure a cultural change in your way of working that optimizes the probability that you’ll deliver something of value to you customers and business. We achieve our purpose through certified training, coaching and mentoring in the field of Agile, Scrum and other powerful philosophies and methodologies.

Sylver Rain Consulting

Sylver Rain Consulting is an IT solutions provider that engineers custom software products, implements COTS/GOTS solutions, offers IT staff augmentation and Scrum training to organizations/agencies within the public, private and non-profit sectors.