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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.


The Professional Training NetworkTM (PTN) consists of a group of organizations that has officially recognized as providers of training. Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) work with PTN members to deliver Professional Scrum training and abide by the high quality standards of

PTN members align with the Scrum Values and are committed to helping people and teams solve complex problems in part by providing training.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Professional Training Network, contact us and let us know

brainrain logo
BrainRain is Expert Center for the development of agile methodologies, a partner of, and the first PTN member in Ukraine. We conduct agile transformations, advise, train, and certify agilists at all levels, develop self-organized teams, and support Scrum community.
Scrum On Logo
Scrum On
Scrum On is an Agility consulting firm located in the greater Boston area, serving all six New England states. We specialize in premium Agile and Scrum training, certification, coaching and transformations. Scrum On is led by Chris Belknap, a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Consultant (SPC), who has worked with Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Development Teams since 2008. Whether you’re just getting started with Scrum and need to learn the fundamentals, or you’re struggling to make Scrum work for your organization, let us relieve your pain and make heroes today!
AgiliX Consulting

AgiliX is a network organisation that guides Lean-Agile adoptions across Europe and provide certified trainings worldwide.

Improving is a leading product development and training company that prides itself on providing the highest degree of expertise to its clients. With offices across the United States and Canada, Improving is deeply rooted in its commitment to establishing trust- not only with each other but with their clients, partners and the broader community. They aspire to do this through creating transparency, delivering results, continuously improving, clarifying expectations, and keeping commitments. Improving has successfully delivered training to over 25,000 students and is the largest provider of training in North America.
edForce Logo
edForce, a Workforce Upskilling Accelerator, helps Enterprises, big and small, with all their learning needs – training, fresh hire onboarding, certifications, learning paths, assessments, labs, infra etc. We are handpicked as a knowledge partner by some of the finest names in the industry such as Infosys, Walmart, Siemens, Sony, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Flipkart, Amazon, Mindtree, DXC, Boston Scientific, Tech Mahindra, ITC Infotech, etc, to name a few. edForce is focused on ‘Workforce Upskilling’ and not just training. We at edForce are passionate about the practical skills that the IT workforce gains during training.
Scrum Care Logo
Scrum Care
Scrum cares about people and products. We help you increase your team creativity and productivity to deliver products of the highest possible value.
Adaptiflo Logo
Adaptiflo is a Consulting and Training company specializing in Agile Product Development and Leadership. Our mission is to improve lives by helping to improve ways of working. Our consultants are recognized voices in Agile Product Development and Leadership Coaching
B2B Learning Logo
B2B Learning
B2B Learning develops and delivers high-quality training programmes for globally recognized methodologies in the domains of information technology and project management. Being an Accredited Training Organization for these methodologies, we can also provide the different exams related. Our courses are available in English, Dutch and French and can be delivered in various formats: classroom training, InCompany training, virtual live classes and eLearning. Our training center is based in Brussels, but we teach anywhere in Belgium, Luxembourg and other European countries. Our promise is to deliver high quality courses together with an outstanding service, to offer a unique and hassle-free learning experience.
ValueHut Limited Logo
ValueHut Limited
ValueHut is an agile coaching and training consultancy that is helping Organisations focus on most valuable work by deploying alternative ways of working founded on Agile Principles. In addition, we provide both and bespoke training offering to support our clients in their journey to improve their ways of working. At the moment, our clients are spread all over Africa and Europe, especially in the United Kingdom.
Agile School Logo
Agile School
Agile School has the purpose of maximizing value, changing the way Digital Products are done in Brazil and abroad. We are a training and consulting company dedicated to make Agile principles and values reality and provide customers with an integrated experience through coaching, mentoring, teaching and execution.
Joint Insights Logo
Joint Insights
Joint Insights is a company that nourishes transparency every day to help people solve the problems and opportunities they face. By leveraging different perspectives, transparent information, and openness to new approaches people reach a new level of understanding and become empowered to move towards their goals.
Learntor Logo
Learntor is a Nigerian digital consultancy company focused on Agile Digital Transformational training in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Data Analytics, Business Analysis and Digital Marketing with the goal to develop capacity-development in Africa. Connecting mentees with industry experts mentors for mentoring and seeking Internship placement for our students for hands-on practical learning supported by
Prowareness Logo

Software is eating the world. That is why we at Prowareness think it is important for companies to be flexible and responsive.

Accentient is a company that has proven itself within the Application Lifecycle Management, Scrum, and DevOps community and continues to exceed the expectations of our clients.
RPS Logo
RPS Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
RPS Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2006 headquartered in Bangalore, India, by an enterprising team with a strong training industry background, provide high end IT Technical Training Services which easily fits into the needs of every corporate organization. Besides its location in the IT hub of India, it has learning centers in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai.
AIM better Logo
AIM better
We deliver high-quality training and consulting to support organisations, teams and employees in achieving better outcomes through agility and innovation management. Agility and innovation power should not be left to chance. Training and consulting may enable a systematic development of these competitive advantages. It is important to consider not only the WHAT but also the HOW. Through the professional design of learning and consulting processes, theory can be successfully put into practice. Our experts bring in-depth knowledge and experience in agile product development, training and consulting to the table. This combination enables sustainable success in putting theory into practice.
MD Agile Consulting, Inc., Logo
MD Agile Consulting, Inc.
MD Agile Consulting, Inc., is an Agile training, coaching and consulting company headquartered near Toronto, Canada. We believe that organizational clarity is what helps people shift from complaining to improving. We employ techniques from Lean Change Management, Scrum and Kanban to help teams and organizations become unstuck and reach their true potential. In addition to coaching and consulting services, we are dedicated to providing world class, high impact training through certified classes from and
Capgemini Academy Logo
Capgemini Academy
Capgemini Academy helps people and their organizations to get the best out of themselves and each other.
Unstuck Careers Logo
Unstuck Careers
We have delivered training and facilitated sessions for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Coaches, leaders, trainers, and teams around the world. From groups of 4 to 100, custom content to certified courseware, live virtual to in person - we’re experienced and passionate about helping people learn and grow to unlock their careers, capability, and creativity.
AgileLeads Logo
We are a company that believes, knows and understands how to apply the tools and practices of Agile mindset, including Scrum. We are not afraid to talk about it openly, share our experience, and gather like-minded people around, helping companies think flexibly, behave agile, and rebuild under the challenges of the modern world. Faster development. More releases. More revenue. Why wouldn’t you want to bring Scrum to your business?
Merapar Logo
Merapar, an alfa1 partner, are cloud tech experts with a passion for developing greatness. Merapar applies key concepts, design principles and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud. Their areas of expertise include: Applications build integration and QA, True DevOps, Cloud architecture and development, agile transformation and streaming and broadcast consultancy. Merapar are proud to lead in the following markets: Broadcast and Media, IOT and Data Intelligence. Leading the transition to cloud-native solutions, in an industry where scalability, reliability and security are crucial, Merapar empowers their clients to adopt change, and truly transform their products and services.
AGILE THINKING est une entreprise innovante construite sur des valeurs et une vision humaine et de développement durable. Nous accompagnons les organisations de toutes tailles à développer des produits et services qui répondent précisément à des besoins utilisateurs. Nous avons pour cela développé un ensemble de services, de formations et de partenariats stratégiques afin de permettre à nos collaborateurs d’optimiser eux aussi leur valeur. Nous utilisons une approche agile pour aider nos clients à accroître le retour sur investissement ; réduire le temps de mise sur le marché ; s’adapter au changement du marché et à la concurrence ; et innover plus rapidement. Pourquoi Agile Thinking .pro? Pour réaffirmer notre professionnalisme. En effet, nous visons à créer un impact sur les activités professionnelles de nos clients. Au quotidien, nous appliquons des standards et développons de nouvelles approches et techniques pour mieux vous former et mieux vous accompagner dans votre activité. Si l’agilité optimise la valeur, la pensée agile intégrée au quotidien, décuple la capacité de l’agilité à optimiser la valeur. 
Experience Scrum Logo
Experience Scrum
Experience Scrum specializes in live-virtual trainings for Scrum Masters and Scrum Teams. Our trainings are practical, skill-based, and experiential. You work as part of a Scrum team, experiencing and actively using Scrum. Throughout, you will self-manage as a Scrum Team, plan empirically, and apply the Scrum Values. In doing so, you will face a series of real-world impediments that are typical of beginning Scrum Teams, and cause their removal. In our Skill-Based PSM trainings, you will: - learn relevant skills in addition to theory - use Professional Scrum to run the training - be the Scrum Master for at least one Sprint
Atoha Logo
Atoha is the leading project management institute in Vietnam, providing practical training courses, hands-on consulting, and examination preparation courses from top worldwide recognized certifications. We engage our stakeholders based on world-class standard frameworks and our top expert trainers and consultants who had many years working experience and had the most recognized international certifications.
Logic Control Logo
Logic Control
Logic Control provides a full range of Product Management Training, Coaching, and Advisory Services. Logic Control delivers Scrum Professional Training as private sessions, either virtually, at your location, or an off-site location.
Count on Agile logo
Count on Agile
Count On Agile (CoA) is Pioneer in offering Training and Coaching services on Agile Ways of Working Scrum, Kanban, Product Ownership and Leadership, Training, Coaching, Entrepreneurship partnering with multi Geographical engagements in leading Top Fortune 500 Organizations for their Agile transformation Journey Roadmaps. Having Led Culture Transformations in key domains like BFSI & Insurance services, Life Sciences, Consumer and Retail Goods, Industrial Automation and innumerable others. We have engaged with our clients and helped them to attain Enterprise transformation in Agile mindset shift and been persistent to help Organizations to achieve greater Business Value
Info Trek
Info Trek
Info Trek is a leading provider of corporate technology training in Malaysia. With more than 20 years of training and development experience, we bring learning to everyone who seeks to better themselves be it enterprise training courses, or individual professionals and enthusiasts. Our core business is built on training and nurturing learners to instill them with the ability to go beyond their limits; arming them with knowledge to keep up with the fast-paced corporate world.
Zenika Logo
Zenika is a software development company whose mission is to drive change via IT innovation. It was established in France in 2006. It has grown rapidly since then, starting from a single office in Paris and flourishing into an international team of over 460 employees spread across ten offices in Europe, Asia and Canada. Zenika stands out as the partner that makes the link between the organic and the digital world. Our team is composed of consultant(s), specialist(s) and trainers(s): agile coaches, lean start-up specialists, consultant(s) developers on Java, Big Data, Web, Mobility, Iot, DevOps, Craftsmanship, Security profiles.
Framework Training
Framework Training was established in London in 2010 with the aim of delivering best-in-market training in Software Development-related disciplines.
Ross Agile Consulting Group Logo
Ross Agile Consulting Group, LLC.
The Ross Agile Consulting Group, LLC. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Our industry knowledge offers over 15 years of proven domestic and international experience leading complex enterprise software solutions. Our coaches are thought leaders within the agile community and provide the foundation your organization needs to reduce inefficiencies. We exercise the fundamentals necessary to avoid poor agile habits commonly found within a maturing agile-oriented organization. Whether you are looking to learn about Scrum for the first time or you are a seasoned practitioner, our training will transform and grow your organization.
Springhouse Logo
Springhouse Education & Consulting Services
Springhouse mentors people nationwide to become experts in modern leadership styles, advanced technology, and essential business applications through a choice of consulting, coaching, and education services. Since 1989, Springhouse has been hyper-focused on training and consulting solutions that expand our client’s expertise, fortify professional knowledge, and elevate corporate goals.
Agile Thought Logo
Our mission is to fundamentally change the way people, organizations and companies view, approach and deliver software projects. AgileThought is a full-service custom software consulting firm, staffed by the absolute best professionals in the business.
agilityIRL Logo
We are truth-telling and path-finding guides of Agile teams, leaders, and organizations. We didn’t start as Agilists or trainers.  We started as people in the industry looking for a better way to get work done, with more pride and less nonsense.  In our past roles as organizational leaders, project managers, and individual contributors we found success creating Agile teams and organizations.  Now we take pride in helping others discover their own path to success through agility.  Our training classes are enriched by our real-world experience.  Register today and jump-start your Agile journey!
Mandischer Consulting
Mandischer consulting is entered around agile transformations. It helps customers to benefit from agile principles by teaching, coaching, and leading change initiatives.
KEGON offers strategic management consulting, agile coaching and training. Our trainers work daily in and with agile teams in international companies and organizations from a wide range of industries. They know what is important, what adversities organizations have to deal with during agile transformations and, last but not least, they are passionate and fun about what they do. Our trainings are interactive. Trainers and participants practically apply the tools of agile processes in the workshop. In our trainings, we awaken enthusiasm for agility, help to rethink and shape an agile culture together. Empathy, conversations at eye level and our methodological knowledge are our key to success.
Blue Sequoia Logo
Blue Sequoia
Professional coaching and training for leaders and Scrum teams. Formations et coaching professionnels pour leaders et équipes Scrum.
Agile Capability Logo
Agile Capability
In a world of challenges, constant innovation, turbulence and uncertainty Agile Capability helps organizations of all sizes to deliver customer centric value sooner in a way which is more certain and predictable than traditional ways of working. Agile Capability is an associate network of Agile experts who operate as an Agile transformation service. We bring Reduced Time to Change through proven real world experience of delivering multiple Agile transformations around the planet. Whereas we tend to serve fortune 500 organizations in the banking and wealth sector we’ve also delivered for manufacturers, telecoms and industrial Iot clients.
Jeronimo Palacios
Jerónimo Palacios
Jerónimo Palacios (Palacios Olmo Limited, London), founded in 2013 is one of the main training providers in Spanish language worldwide.
Andrena Objects
andrena objects AG
Wir bei andrena haben eine Überzeugung: Wissens-Transfer und Agilität gehören für uns zusammen. Dazu bieten wir Trainings, Konferenzen, Vortragsreihen … Beispielsweise initiierten wir schon 2004 die ersten XP Days Germany ─ ein Keynotesprecher war Ken Schwaber.
effective Agile
effective agile.
effective agile. is a thought leading agile company offering coaching, consulting and trainings to blue chips companies mostly in Germany, Switzerland, UK, and USA, but also in emerging countries in Eastern Europe and Greece.
Prosilience Logo
Prosilience started out of a belief that organizations deserved better. We have no easy answers, no ‘success guaranteed’ plans to offer. Our experts work hard to stay on top of their field, using insights from behavorial economics, organizational and neuropsychology, lean, agile and many other empirical sources to offer you the very best advice and guidance possible. Our advice will not be easy to implement, and it will sometimes not be what you want to hear. But if you’re willing to put in the work and skip the politics, then we will help you achieve great things.
Scrumviet would like to spread the inspiration with practical knowledge and connect people with passion on Scrum Journey. Through our classes following standard, we enjoy to create more professional spaces to share about the knowledge, experience and passion with Scrum and support people to gain the practical and applicable skills to their works.
Agitips Logo
Our mission at Agitips is to help organizations undergo a smooth and successful transformation to become agile. Agitips offers training, coaching, and consultation that help individuals, teams, and organizations embrace transformation, build better solutions, and thrive in the marketplace. Secondly, Agitips helps make Scrum and Agility as simple as possible such that even beginners or those with no IT background can grasp them faster and learn to apply them in real life. Agitips offer training, coaching, and consultation that help individuals, teams, and organizations embrace transformation, build better solutions, and thrive in the marketplace. Our solution derives from years of real-world experience from our professional trainers and consultants.
Agile Solutions Logo
Agile Solutions Portugal
Agile Solutions Portugal is a Portuguese Company that has the mission of simplifying businesses and processes. Our purpose is to ensure a cultural change in your way of working that optimizes the probability that you’ll deliver something of value to you customers and business. We achieve our purpose through certified training, coaching and mentoring in the field of Agile, Scrum and other powerful philosophies and methodologies.
Computrain Logo
Computrain is a professional IT-training organization with over 40 years of experience in offering training and certification in all the major technology domains including: Scrum, DevOps, Azure, Cloud, Project Management and IT Security management. We have a huge passion for developing the right IT knowledge and skills for organizations and people. Computrain ensures that professionals today have the competencies required for the technology of tomorrow.
Ullizee Inc.
Gunther left in 2016 to continue his journey of Scrum as an independent Scrum caretaker.
Alpha Scrum
Alpha Scrum
We have dedicated ourselves to offering training and workshop for over 10years. In the meantime, with our knowledge, we have been helping various companies and industries. While our work, we have concluded that they need to learn Scrum to produce better products. We are very excited about offering Scrum with, and they will be able to understand true agile and Scrum.
oriions logo
ORIIONS is an Agile Training organization located in France close to Biarritz. We care about people and values  and we truly believe in Scrum values, apply them in our daily work (training, coaching, mentoring, leading to change) and promote them for having more sustainable organizations.
Agile Academy
Agile Academy
Agile trainings are not the ultimate goal for us, but only one of many steps in growing agile maturity. We provide our students with simulations and practical examples from real life, so they know what to do when theory meets the practice. We provide them with the communication platform to stay in touch with the group as well as with the trainer. We are building and supporting both, organizational and individual agile communities. We are based in Prague, Czechia, doing both, open and in-house training and we are happy to organize it around the globe.
Bourk Software and Consulting
Bourk Software and Consulting
Bourk Software Development has been created after a Scrum Master enlighten its founder, Simon. At this point, there was no going back. The only option available was to extend the work of that Scrum Master at a different scale by providing serious Training and Coaching related to Scrum and the best practices from Extreme Programming.