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Overview of the PST Selection Process


PST Candidates take part in a rigorous and rewarding journey to earn the Professional Scrum Trainer license and the ability to teach the Applying Professional Scrum (APS) course. Once part of the community PSTs can add additional courses to their training portfolio over time through an Add-A-License process.

The PST Candidate Journey is grouped into three phases. Each is designed to explore a different set of target competencies.


  1. Phase 1: Core Qualifications
    This phase explores your alignment with the Mission & Values
    Do you behave in alignment with Scrum values, demonstrate a passion for helping people and teams solve complex problems, and lead with curiosity, kindness and humility?
  2. Phase 2: Knowledge & Practical Experience 
    This phase explores your Professional Scrum Knowledge & Practical Experience Creating Value through Scrum
    Are you able to consistently and accurately talk about Scrum, demonstrate how to apply it professionally, emphasize the WHY associated with Professional Scrum (over mechanical Scrum) and share compelling stories that showcase how you’ve captured the value Scrum and empiricism have to offer?
  3. Phase 3: Training Skills
    This phase explores your Skills in Engaging Learners & Enabling Learning Outcomes as a Trainer 
    Are you able to apply a range of techniques and approaches for engaging learners in a classroom setting, effectively create learning outcomes for participants, and adapt your teaching style to meet the needs of diverse participants? 

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Overall Journey Investment

The PST Candidate Journey is designed as a deliberately developmental pathway. Each activity offers an opportunity for you to inspect and adapt as you hone and demonstrate the skills needed to become a PST. 

  • Well-qualified candidates typically spend 1-2 years on the pathway to becoming a PST. 
    • We put specific focus and priority on candidates who contribute to the diversity of our community. If you do not bring characteristics that support this diversity, please be aware you may wait longer to enter the PST community.
  • The total startup fees are typically $7,000 USD (approximately $4,750 USD for trainers who teach exclusively outside of primary markets). Please be aware there are additional fees associated with maintaining the PST license

Get Started Today

If you are interested in becoming a PST and still have questions, please Contact Us and a member of the team will reach out to you. Otherwise, we invite you to learn about the details in the PST Candidate Journey and begin preparing your Application to Become a PST. 

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Enriching our Community through Diversity
We are prioritizing PST candidates who support our diverse population of learners. If you are a woman; increase our racial/ethnic diversity; serve Africa, China, Japan, or Spanish-speaking South and North America; or have significant experience with Scrum in non-software products, we especially want to support you!