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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.

PSPO Trainer Selection Process and Application

Enriching our Community through Diversity

We are prioritizing PST candidates who support our diverse population of learners. If you are a woman; increase our racial/ethnic diversity; serve Africa, China, Japan, or Spanish-speaking South and North America; or have significant experience with Scrum in non-software products, we especially want to support you! Learn More.


Step 1: Prerequisites is looking for people with deep experience as Scrum Product Owners.  To apply as a PST candidate for the PSPO program, you must first:

  • Have 4+ years of experience as a Product Owner where you have:

    • Maximized the value of products and the work of the Scrum Teams

    • Effectively managed a Product Backlog

    • Worked extensively with business stakeholders

    • Been held accountable for the success of your product

    • Been empowered to make key business decisions

    • Helped organizations understand the benefits of agile thinking

  • Have provided training

  • Have achieved at least a 95% score on the PSPO I assessment

Step 2: Submit Application

If you possess the qualifications we are looking for and want to join an amazing community of fellow trainers, we want to get to know you! Our application (below) gives you an opportunity to tell us about your experience and motivations for becoming a PST. Please include on your application some challenges that you have faced as a Product Owner and how you have dealt with them. Applications will be reviewed and follow-up conversations will be scheduled to determine next steps.  If you are invited to move to the next step, a 95% score on the PSM I assessment will be needed before joining a train-the-trainer course. 

Fee: There is no application fee.  Instead a score of 95% on the PSPO I assessment is needed to submit your application.  ($200 USD per attempt)

Step 3: Pass PSM I Assessment at 95%

All candidates must achieve at least a 95% score on the PSM I assessment before being invited to join a designated train-the-trainer (TTT) course.

Fee:  $150 USD

Step 4: Get Trained

After completing steps 1, 2, and 3, works with qualified candidates to find in-person or live virtual train-the-trainer (TTT) opportunities that fit their schedule. invites qualified trainer candidates to participate in a multi-day TTT learning and feedback opportunity. The TTT for PSPO consists of a designated Professional Scrum Product Owner course followed by one or more trainer candidate small-group sessions. All candidates are evaluated and given feedback. Approval is required to continue the PST process.

Fee: Typically $1500-$2000 USD registration fee. Note that trainers in secondary markets may be eligible to receive discounted registration.

Step 5: Assessments and Interviews

Once candidates attend the training and receive approval to move to the next step, we delve deeper into your knowledge, training skills, and your plans to contribute to the PST community.

  1. Achieve at least a passing (85%) score on the PSPO II assessment.
  2. Achieve at least a 90% score on the essay based PSPO III assessment (limit of 2 attempts within 6 months).
  3. Achieve at least a passing (85%) score on the PSM II assessment.
  4. Achieve at least a passing (85%) score on the essay based PSM III assessment (limit 2 attempts within 6 months).
  5. Take part in an online one-hour interview with a staff member and receive approval to move forward.
  6. Take part in an online one-hour peer-review with a panel of existing PSTs and pass the peer-evaluation.

Fee: $600 USD for PSPO III and PSM III assessments (each $300 USD using $200 USD discount granted to candidates at the point that they receive approval to move forward following the PSPO TTT).

Step 6: Join the PST Community!

Review and agree to all of the terms of being a PST, which are contained in the trainer license.  Two key terms include teaching Professional Scrum Product Owner courses using only standard PSPO courseware and participating in one in-person Global Trainer Meeting each year (called a Face-to-Face or "F2F").

Fee: For trainers who teach in primary markets, the first year license fee is $3500 USD ($2500 USD for trainers who teach exclusively in secondary markets).

Total Startup Fees: ~ USD $6,300 USD ($4,800 USD for trainers who teach exclusively in secondary markets)

Ongoing costs once licensed to teach PSPO: Each time you teach the course, you pay a per-student fee to Your students receive one free PSPO I assessment attempt ($200 USD value) after taking the PSPO course. Note that trainers in secondary markets receive discounted pricing on courseware licensing.

Cost to join a F2F: All PSTs attend one exclusive F2F Global Trainer Meeting each license-year term. There is no fee to join these events, however travel is necessary for most PSTs. Several choices are available each year in the US and Europe. December 2016 heralded our first F2F in Asia-Pacific (Australia).

How to Start?

Do you want to speak with a member of the staff or a PST before submitting your application? Contact Us and we can help you. Be aware that submitting this application begins a 1-2 year journey for well qualified candidates. We are putting specific focus and priority on candidates who contribute to the diversity of our community. If you do not bring characteristics that support this diversity, please be aware you may wait longer to enter the PST community. 

If you are ready to apply, submit your application below.**There is text below some fields to help you enter the kinds of information we are looking for. Read that text carefully.**