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Supporting Women on their PST Journey

In support of the commitment to diversity and social responsibility, we have an intentional focus on increasing the diversity of our Professional Scrum TrainerTM (PST) Community. As a result, we are pleased to bring you opportunities specifically for Scrum practitioners who are women and are interested in learning about the journey to becoming a PST. We want to help you uncover ways for how to get started, nurture you on your journey and provide opportunities to network with others who can support you as you work towards earning this globally recognized credential.

We've got the following opportunities and resources ready for you to use today:

Recruitment and Special Interest Events

Recruitment & Special
Interest Events

Connect with Staff

Connect with Staff

Start you PST journey

Start your PST Journey:
Apply Today

Stay up-to-date on resources and opportunities

Stay Up-to-Date on
Resources & Opportunities


Why Train with is the Home of Scrum. We place a focus on what it means to use Scrum professionally as we fulfill our mission of helping people and teams solve complex problems. This work is rooted in supporting people in their ongoing learning and development in the Professional Scrum Competencies.

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What is a Professional Scrum Trainer

Professional Scrum Trainers are professionals who teach the official curriculum. They are experts in Scrum and have extensive experience applying, leading, teaching, and coaching it. They have been servant-leaders at an organizational level and are active in local agile and/or software development communities, as well as the broader global agile and Scrum movements.

Learn more about becoming a PST.

Recruitment & Special Interest Events

Periodically throughout the year we will hold special events for women Scrum practitioners who are interested in learning about the journey to becoming a PST. 

Discovering the PST Journey
This 1-hour webinar event is for women to learn about what it means to be a Professional Scrum Trainer and the steps needed to earn this highly sought after license to teach courses. Each Discovering the PST Journey session features the story of how the PST program has benefited a woman who is already in the community, includes a presentation from staff on details about the program, and provides an opportunity for Q&A. All women who are interested in learning more about the PST journey are welcome and encouraged to attend. Learn more about Discovering the PST Journey.

If you are not available at either of these times, subscribe to receive updates and get notified when new sessions are scheduled.

Connect with Staff

Our staff loves to make connections with prospective Professional Scrum Trainers. If you’re interested in the candidate journey, contact us so that we can support you.

Start your PST Journey: Apply Today

If you already have the qualifications we're looking for and you are ready to submit an application, we invite you to start your PST journey today.

Stay Up-to-Date on Resources & Opportunities

We’re constantly inspecting and adapting our approach for how we support women and increase the diversity of our community. If you want to stay up-to-date on new events, opportunities, and resources, subscribe for updates today!