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Professional Scrum with Kanban

Live Virtual Class, September 19-20, 2022

Class Overview



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Professional Scrum with Kanban training course is a two-day course that allows experienced practitioners to consolidate their knowledge, learn advanced techniques and share their experiences in leading agile teams. With improved understanding of core scrum principles and empirical process control, delegates learn how to be an effective coach, facilitator and servant leader, whilst understanding the dynamics of team behaviour.

Attending this training includes up to two free attempts at the PSK assessment, leading to an industry-recognised certification.

Professional Scrum with Kanban Content

The Professional Scrum with Kanban training course provides delegates with Kanban practices to add to their Scrum helping them optimise their team’s workflow: 

  • Visualizing and improving the Sprint Backlog workflow via a Kanban board 
  • Add Kanban flow techniques without changing Scrum 
  • Actively managing work items in progress  
  • Continually inspecting and adapting the way the team uses flow optimization to improve value delivery 


Audience, pre-requisites and assumed knowledge

The course is especially useful for people who are experienced Scrum Practitioners who have a good understanding of Professional Scrum and a desire to learn how to implement Kanban practices with their Scrum Teams. 

Typical attendees include:

  • Professional Scrum Practitioners such as Product Owners Development team members, Scrum masters or delivery leads who have a desire to improve their current practices and who are interested in learning how Kanban practices can help them, and their teams improve 

Delivered as a private class the course is pitched at an appropriate level. For example, experienced teams can quickly re-establish the basics and then spend more time considering the detail of their approach. 


We are a friendly team of practitioners, and we like to provide a personal level of support, before, during and after the Professional Scrum with Kanban training course: 

  • Pre-course reading designed to expose questions so that they can be explored in class. 
  • Contact details allowing delegates to ask questions to the trainer before and after the class. 
  • Access to a comprehensive set of guidance after the course so that delegates can apply what has been learnt. 
  • Digital course effectiveness surveys with results sent out to delegates and sponsors straight after the class. 


Professional Scrum with Kanban Course Content

Professional Scrum Primer 
This course is for those who already have a good understanding of Scrum and wish to utilise Kanban techniques to augment that. This section of the course is a quick recap on what Professional Scrum is and how that understanding is unchanged when we apply Kanban practises in addition. 

Kanban theory principles and practices. 
We define and explore base principles and practises of Kanban and look at concepts like Batch Size, WIP and Cycle time. We also refer to the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams. 

Kanban in Practice 
In this session we explore the mechanics of pure Kanban using a simulation or game to see the effect of Kanban practices and start to think about how Kanban might impact our Scrum. 

Scrum with Kanban 
Here we explore how some of the various elements in Scrum don’t change but are impacted when we add Kanban. What this means to the visualisation and definition of our workflow, the impact to the sprint Backlog.  

Introducing Flow to Scrum’s events 
Understanding the Impact to all the Scrum events: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective. Using the flow metrics in the different Scrum Events 

Flow/Kanban from the perspective of the Scrum Team 
We explore how are the various team members and their accountabilities in Scrum impacted when you add Kanban practices? How can they use these new insights to work smarter and improve the flow of value? 

The increment and the Sprint 
What a focus on flow means to our transparency and ability to deliver more frequently and how it might progress us along a journey to Devops. 

Professional Scrum with Kanban Outcomes

Delegates, therefore, leave with provided practical insights into the mechanics and practices of Kanban in the context of a Scrum Team. 

They learn how to add Kanban to Scrum in a way that provides the maximum benefit without having to unlearn Scrum. Experienced practitioners leave with renewed confidence and a collection of new techniques to try. 

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Save 15%

We have reduced the price of our public courses by 15% for a limited time only whilst the cost of living rises. 

Save 15% - Was £850 + VAT. Now £723+ VAT - Register below

Class Details



Delivery Method

Live Virtual Class
Time Zone: Europe/London
Start/End Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Start: September 19, 2022
End: September 20, 2022


Agility in Mind

Registration & Price

Price: GBP 850

Registration for this class has closed

More Information

Your Professional Scrum Trainer – Geoff GoddardGeoff Goddard

Geoff has a lifelong software development background in the UK and New Zealand in a variety of sectors including Retail, Telecoms, Finance, Education, and Government. His career has been a journey from developer to agile coach, where for six years he has helped teams and organizations implement better, more satisfying ways of working and deliver value faster.

He enjoys helping others understand and use agile frameworks to support and complement their own innate common sense and natural ways of working. In the training environment, Geoff always generates a sense of fun and enthusiasm to create a stimulating interactive learning space.

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Professional Scrum with Kanban training facilities

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We have been delivering courses using Live Virtual Classrooms for over half a decade to global organisations with distributed teams.