Professional Scrum Master Cincinnati, Jun 13-14, 2019


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8:30 Am – 4:30 PM daily.

Professional Scrum Master

Course Duration: 2 days (Live in person class only)
Course Level: Applied learning intended for Program managers, Engineering managers, Product designers, Lead developers responsible for the successful use and/or rollout of Scrum

Course Overview:

This course will teach the Scrum Master how to work as a servant leader in a scrum organization. It will teach the scrum master not only the reasons and rules of scrum, but the reason behind the rules. It will go even further by teaching the scrum master how to be a more effective leader in an agile organization.

Price: USD 1295

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Cincinnati, United States


Jun 13, 2019
Jun 14, 2019

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Language: English Professional Scrum Master Outline

Section 1: Theory and Principles

• Predictive versus empirical approaches
• How empiricism can help product development
• How Scrum is different than the traditional approach and when to use scrum
• How does agile and scrum help value maximization
• Honesty and transparency

Section 2: The Scrum Framework

• Detailed Scrum framework review
• Scrum roles, artifacts, and activities
• Edge cases for using scrum
• Where does the Scrum Master fit in
• Estimating and valuing work
• Planning Scrum work
• Monitoring Scrum work

Section 3: People and Teams

• Core values of Scrum
• Colocation, context switching, and team dynamics
• Addressing team culture for positive growth
• Coaching teams for effective performance

Section 4: Scrum Master

• Good Scrum Master’s characteristics
• Scrum Master’s involvement in self organization
• Moving away from controller to enabler

Section 5: Scrum at Scale

• Scrum adoptions in large organization
• Using emergence to adopt organizational change
• Considerations when scaling
• Tactical approaches for Scrum at large

Section 6: Additional Information and Questions


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