Professional Scrum Master Hoofddorp, Feb 13-14, 2019


Course Overview

Professional Scrum Master for Business (PSMfB) training

The use of Scrum in software development is becoming increasingly popular. Many available tools and training programmes focus mainly on the theoretical aspects of Scrum and less on the practical applications, even though the “power of Scrum” comes from its simple applicability. This two-day Professional Scrum Master for Business (PSMfB) training programme (including certification) therefore offers you an opportunity to combine theory and practice of Scrum in a business setting.

Price: EUR 1495

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Hoofddorp, Netherlands


Feb 13, 2019
Feb 14, 2019

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Language: English

Target group

You work in a business unit as a Project Manager, Team Lead or Product Manager. You have some experience with Scrum, but are not certified yet. You want to have a better understanding of Scrum so you can better apply it and help the business become better.

What will I learn during the Professional Scrum Master for Business (PSMfB) training?

After completing the programme you:

  • will have a clear overview of why Scrum works in a business environment;
  • will have a thorough understanding of servant leadership, which means you can perform the role of Scrum Master for your team and for stakeholders;
  • are able to begin working with Scrum in your team or increase the effectiveness of working with Scrum;
  • are able to host and set up Scrum meetings in the correct manner;
  • are able to define the various roles and responsibilities within Scrum and determine how these can be filled by your Scrum team.

Which topics will be covered during the Professional Scrum Master for Business (PSMfB) training?

The training covers a variety of topics. Naturally, we will tailor the programme to incorporate your questions and experiences. Below, you will find a brief overview of the structure of the programme.

  • The theory and principles of Scrum
  • The roles, rules and practices of Scrum
  • Working with Scrum: people and teams
  • Coaching and facilitating
  • The role of a Scrum Master

What should I do to prepare properly for the Professional Scrum Master for Business (PSMfB) training?

Before you start the training, it is helpful to read the Scrum guide and complete the free online assessment. To follow this training programme, it is mandatory to have experience in working with Scrum. 

Who will be hosting the Professional Scrum Master for Business (PSMfB) training?

All our Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) have earned their certification. This training programme will be hosted by one of our certified PSTs.


After completing the training programme you receive a code to register for the exam. You receive this code within 48 hours after participating in the course. This first code is included in the training price and there is no expiration date. However, we advise you to complete the exame as soon as possible, when all you’ve learned is still fresh in your head. The code for the exam can be used once. You need a passing rate of at least 85%. If you fail the exam within 14 days after the training programme, you get a free second chance. When you fail the exame when these 14 days have passed, the costs for a new code are on your own expense.

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