Professional Scrum Master II Live Virtual Class, Dec 2-3, 2021


Course Overview


ProfePSM II Logossional Scrum MasterTM II (PSM II) course is an advanced Scrum Master class designed to support Scrum Masters in their professional development.

The PSM II course is intended for Scrum Masters with at least one year of experience who are looking to grow their knowledge and abilities as a Scrum Master. This course is one step in that journey. The course also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) certification exam.

Unlike the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course which focuses on how to use Scrum, the Scrum framework and the role of the Scrum Master, PSM II is an advanced course helping students to understand the stances that characterize an effective Scrum Master and servant-leader while diving deep into how they serve the Development Team, Product Owner and organization. The course then teaches students about related practices and skills to enable them to have the right types of conversations and how to apply them to become better Scrum Masters.

NOTE: This course is delivered over two consecutive days as an online Live Virtual Course. Day timings are per the course description but are usually 9am to 5pm (UK Time zone)


Price: GBP 1050

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Live Virtual Class
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Dec 2, 2021
Dec 3, 2021

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Language: English

What Will You Learn?

Over the 2 days, students will learn about areas critical to growing as a successful Scrum Master such as how the principles and values of Scrum help guide Scrum Masters in the decisions they make and how the Scrum Master can help change the environment of Scrum Teams, creating an environment for agility to thrive. The Scrum Master role is complex and often, a Scrum Master must be able to apply different stances in order to be effective, such as:

  • The Scrum Master as a Teacher
  • The Scrum Master as a Coach & Mentor
  • The Scrum Master as a Facilitator
  • The Scrum Master as a Change Agent

As a Scrum Master, being able to identify, and effectively apply, which stance would benefit your team the most depending on the situation or circumstance could prove to be the key to the success of your team.

As a Scrum Master, part of your role is to help management and other stakeholders across your organization understand the benefits of Scrum and Agile. Therefore, it is imperative that you have the information and background that is needed to gain credibility in order to be an effective change agent.  Throughout the class, your PST will provide stories, exercises, facilitation techniques (such as “Liberating Structures”), resources and more.

There will also be time in class for the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) to provide coaching on challenges that you and your classmates may be experiencing today or may in the future.

View the different Focus Areas covered within this class and others.

Who Should Attend


The Professional Scrum Master II course is an advanced course specifically designed for experienced Scrum Masters who have a thorough understanding of the Scrum framework.  It is particularly beneficial for those people with at least one year of Scrum Master experience.

Roles That Will Benefit From This Course

• Scrum Masters
• Agile Coaches


Roles That Will Benefit From This Course

• All managers and leaders
• Scrum Masters
• Agile Coaches
• Product Owners
• Product Managers

What’s Different About Live, Online Course Delivery?

Delivering any training course online requires a different set of technology and skills than an in-person course does. For example:

  • Exercises have to be re-written or replaced while training objectives are still maintained
  • Delivery style has to be adapted for an ‘audio/video delay’ environment
  • Audience engagement has to be achieved in different ways
  • Technology must be simple enough for students to use, powerful enough for the trainer to use, and invisible enough not to impede learning

Addressing this new environment requires a deep investment. Even before Covid-19 affected the way training is delivered, Derek had invested hundreds of hours in creating online video courses. The experience of doing this has helped enormously in re-providing his in-person course as a live, online, course.

As a result of the global lockdown, and the demand for training delivery online, Derek attended online courses delivered by experts in the field, to learn the craft of online delivery. He then devoted additional hundreds of hours to converting his in-person course before even thinking about live, online delivery.

What Does the Course Offer?

As well as the course content, delivered as described above, there are exercises, quizzes, puzzles and simulations where delegates work as part of small teams within virtual breakout rooms to cement the information and techniques taught

After the course, delegates receive a .PDF document of the material and the exercise outcomes.

What Equipment is Needed?

Laptops Ready!

  • A computer, or tablet, with audio, video and microphone (please use a headset or earphones to avoid feedback)
  • A fast and secure internet connection
  • An excellent browser (Google Chrome works best, Internet Explorer does not work)
  • If you can, download and install the Zoom application



What Will You Receive?

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master II course will receive a password to attempt the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) assessment. PSM II class participants who attempt the PSM II assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. You are also entitled to a 40% discount on the PSM III assessment. These industry-recognized PSM certifications require a minimum passing score.

Sixteen Professional Development Units (for PMI Project Management Professionals)

Course materials (in .PDF format)



Course Outline

Here's your course outline:

  • Effects on the organization of a successful Scrum Master
  • Dealing with complexity and servant leadership
  • Dealing with team conflict
  • Removing impediments
  • Facilitation techniques
  • The Importance of a "Done" Increment
  • The Sprint Goal
  • Refresh the purpose of the Scrum Events
  • The role of management in Scrum
  • Successful product delivery
  • Measurement in Scrum
  • How to support the Product Owner
  • Understanding the challenges of middle management
  • Scrum Master as a change agent


Your Trainer - Derek Davidson

DerekDerek has been applying agile ways of working since before the Agile Manifesto. In 1999, he started with Extreme Programming. Later, he began using and then went on to earn his Professional Scrum Trainer licence and his Certified Scrum Trainer licence. At time of writing, he is the only person in Europe dual licenced as both a CST and a PST.

During his twenty years as an agilist, Derek has lived by the motto 'Practicing what I teach'. He spent considerable time applying Scrum as a contractor and consultant, in the role of both Product Owner and Scrum Master. He brings these experiences with him to every course that he teaches.

Before becoming an agilist, Derek spent 18 years working with the Armed Services. He learned the art of leadership at the Royal Air Force College Cranwell and applied those lessons over the rest of his career working with senior leadership in the Armed Services, Government and Commercial sectors.

Between the Armed Services and becoming a Scrum Trainer, Derek has worked at all levels in the software industry from programmer to CTO. More recently, he has been working with non-software teams, especially internal audit.

This rich set of experiences and knowledge uniquely qualifies Derek to teach Scrum and to help you make the best investment in your Scrum journey.



Venue:   Live Online Course Delivery



This course will be delivered online so your venue is wherever you choose to connect from! Predominantly, we use Zoom to deliver our classes.


Delegates enjoying an interactive Zoom training session


Here’s the equipment you’ll need to join:

  • A computer, or tablet, with audio, video and microphone (please use a headset or earphones to avoid feedback)
  • A fast and secure internet connection
  • An excellent browser (Google Chrome works best, Internet Explorer does not work)
  • If you can, download and install the Zoom application

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