Professional Scrum Master™ III


Certify With a Distinguished Level of Scrum Mastery

The Professional Scrum MasterTM level III (PSM III) assessment is available to anyone who has passed the PSM I and PSM II assessments and wishes to demonstrate a distinguished level of Scrum mastery.  PSM III certificate holders prove that they have a deep understanding of the application of Scrum, Scrum practices, the Scrum Values, and have the ability to apply Scrum in a variety of complex team and organizational situations.   

Those that pass the PSM III assessment will receive the global, industry recognized PSM III Certification as an indication of their distinguished level of Scrum mastery, proving that not only do they understand Scrum and can apply it, but can also mentor and coach people or teams who are adopting Scrum. 

Anyone attempting the PSM III should have a very high level of Scrum knowledge, in-depth Scrum experience and/or have taken the Professional Scrum Master course prior to taking this assessment. However, attending a course is neither necessary nor sufficient for certification. The PSM III assessment is incredibly difficult, and consists of multiple-choice questions, case study questions, and essays. Achieving PSM III is the highest demonstration of knowledge any Professional Scrum Master can make. 

Prepare for the Assessment

The PSM assessments are grounded in the Professional Scrum Master subject areas. The assessment is exhaustive and rigorous. Many questions ask you to think about or interpret the meaning from the Scrum Guide, apply content from the PSM I and PSM II subject areas. and apply your own experience. The 2-day Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Master II courses are highly recommended. Find additional information to help you prepare for the PSM Assessment and ways to learn about Scrum. 

Become familiar with the changes that were made in the 2020 release of the Scrum Guide using this series of articles, blogs, and videos.

Assessment Translation

All of our assessments are in English, many test takers successfully use the Google Translate Plugin to take the assessment. Here is a support article to help you.

Accommodations for Physical or Intellectual Disabilities

We take these considerations very seriously, and examine each case individually. Please contact regarding your circumstances and we can advise you on next steps.

Other Information

While taking the PSM III you will NOT be allowed to paste answers that you have prepared in advance. You will be required to type all responses during the 2 hour and 30-minute timeboxPlease review the Standard of Conduct for including Copyrighted and copied material in your answers. 

The cost of PSM III is $500 USD. Assessment passwords do not expire and remain valid until used. See more details below.



Professional Scrum Master™ III Details


When you purchase a password, it is set up in our system and emailed to you within one business day. Essay questions are graded by a real person, so you will not receive your score right away.**



When you pass the PSM III assessment you will receive the industry-recognized PSM III certification, along with a PSM III badge that you can use to identify your achievement. In addition, your name will be posted publicly for colleagues, managers, and potential employers to see. 

PSM III certification is highly recognized in the industry as the only Scrum certification based on testing of knowledge and understanding and therefore are significantly more valuable than available alternatives for Scrum. certification does not require retesting nor does it require future payments to retain certification status.

We strive to ensure that they remain valuable and relevant through frequent inspection and adaptation of the assessment content.

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