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Professional Scrum Master II

Amersfoort, December 14-15, 2023

Class Overview


Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) course is a 2-day advanced Scrum Master class designed to support Scrum Masters in their professional development. The PSM II course is intended for Scrum Masters with at least one year of experience who are looking to grow their knowledge and abilities as a Scrum Master. This course is one step in that journey. The course also includes two free attempts at the globally recognized Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) certification exam.


In person class


Price: EUR 1495,- excluding VAT


Language: This in person class will be taught in English. In any case, a basic level of English is preferred, since the assessment and a lot of Scrum terminology is in English.


NOTE: regional discount might apply. If you live outside the Netherlands, please contact one of the trainers.


pSMII class


Who should take the Professional Scrum Master Advanced (PSM II) training?


The Professional Scrum Master II course is an advanced course specifically designed for experienced Scrum Masters who have a thorough understanding of the Scrum Framework.  It is particularly beneficial for those people with at least one year of Scrum Master experience.


Focus and learning objectives


Over two days, students will learn about areas critical to growing as a successful Scrum Master, such as how the principles and values of Scrum help guide Scrum Masters in the decisions they make and how the Scrum Master can help change the environment of Scrum Teams, creating an environment for agility to thrive. The Scrum Master role is complex and often, a Scrum Master must be able to apply different stances in order to be effective, such as:


  • The Scrum Master as a Teacher
  • The Scrum Master as a Coach & Mentor
  • The Scrum Master as a Facilitator
  • The Scrum Master as a Change Agent
  • As a Scrum Master, being able to identify, and effectively apply, which stance would benefit your team the most depending on the situation or circumstance could prove to be the key to the success of your team.


As a Scrum Master, part of your role is to help management and other stakeholders across your organization understand the benefits of Scrum and Agile. Therefore, it is imperative that you have the information and background that is needed to gain credibility in order to be an effective change agent.  Throughout the class, your Professional Scrum Trainers will provide stories, exercises, facilitation techniques (such as “Liberating Structures”), resources and more.


There will also be time in class for the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) to provide coaching on challenges that you and your classmates may be experiencing today or may in the future.




Class Details



Delivery Method

In Person Class
Location: Amersfoort, Netherlands (venue details)


Start: December 14, 2023
End: December 15, 2023

Class Format


Registration & Price

Price: EUR 1495

Registration for this class has closed

More Information

How the Professional Scrum Master Advanced (PSM II) training is set up


The training is divided into different modules. Of course we will inspect and adapt based on your questions and experiences. The training consists of:


  • Introduction
  • Difference between a Scrum Master and a Professional Scrum Master
  • How to support the Development Team
  • How to support the Product Owner
  • How to support the Organization
  • practical coaching techniques, methods and practices


Preparation in advance


To maximize your learning experience, we advise you to read the Scrum Guide (at least once) and write down your questions and remarks. You can also take the free online Open Scrum assessment on the website.


After the training, you will have access to the classroom page which will have a lot of material to be able to review and read more in-depth information.


Additionally, you will receive an invite to the Scrum Facilitators Slack community where you can ask other professionals for help and also receive discounts for products and other courses.




After the training, you will receive an assessment code from support to take the PSM II assessment. There is no expiration date on this assessment code. However, when you take your first attempt within two weeks after the training and do not pass the 85% marker, you will automatically receive a new code to do a second attempt.

Learn more

Click here om meer te weten te komen over de PSMII training.
A datasheet with a full overview and description of the course (in English) can be found here.



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