Professional Scrum Product Owner Live Virtual Class, Sep 11-12, 2020


Course Overview

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Important: If travel restrictions are lifted, this class will be provided PHYSICALLY in KIEV on the same training days.

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Professional Scrum Product Owners need an understanding of all the things that add value to their products. The Product Owner training helps to develop this knowledge, from stakeholder management to release planning and delivery. The aim is to be able to deliver products with just the right functionality as quickly as possible. The steps to achieve this are discussed in detail. The course also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO-I) certification exam.


Professional Scrum Product OwnerTM (PSPO) is a 2-day course that focuses on all of these areas to teach students how to maximize the value of products and systems. PSPO is the cutting-edge course for Product Owners, Agile product managers and anyone responsible for a product’s success in the market. In this course, students will develop and solidify their knowledge of being a Product Owner through instruction and team-based exercises.



A great training that showcased practical situations, tools and mindset to have. The structure was very engaging and required active participation to experience the methods used.

Edgars Vilumsons

Excellent 2-day training/course. Learned a lot from Roland. His advice and training are very clear and to the point.

Remco Mooijweer

What you will learn

Agile product management    

  • What is agility and why do we want it?
  • What is agile product management?
  • A PO is an agile product manager
  • Techniques for modelling a business strategy
  • Techniques for creating a product vision

Value driven development

  • What is value?
  • Ways to deliver value
  • How doe we measure value?

Scrum theory and principles

  • Complexity
  • Empirical process control
  • Scrum values
  • Agile manifesto

The scrum framework

  • Roles: the purpose of the PO.
  • Artefacts: the only way to deliver value
  • Sprint goals
  • Events
  • The purpose of Done

Product backlog management

  • Connecting the vision to the Sprint backlog
  • Types of product backlog items
  • User stories
  • Techniques for product backlog management

Release planning

  • Reasons to release
  • Agile contracting
  • Estimation techniques
  • Technical debt

Product development

  • The product life cycle
  • Creating an integrated ecosystem of PD

Why choose PSPO by Roland Flemm?



This training is provided by Roland Flemm. Roland has a broad experience as an entrepreneur and supporting Product Owners in the role of Scrum Master. He currently provides services as an Organisation Design Consultant and Scrum Trainer across Europe. He worked  for many companies including ING Bank, Rabobank, Raiffeisen Bank Moscow, Backbase, ABN-AMRO, Independer, DSG, Thales,…) He is a strong facilitator and provides lively high speed and interactive trainings. Each session is tailored to contain everything you need to use in the daily life of a Scrum team. There will be lots of surprises, laughter and deep thinking.


When taking a class from Roland, your personal challenges will be addressed. With many years of experience and through numerous collaborations and research in neuroscience, Roland has enriched the training material designed to maximise your learning experience: The material covers the standard contents plus some, your understanding will be deeper and the retention will be better.

Roland provides after-care to prevent you from getting a “workshop hangover”.  You have the opportunity to stay in touch with Roland and your fellow candidates via a closed knowledge forum. Via this network of peers, many initiatives are initiated to support you with your challenges and to stay engaged.  

Price: EUR 850

Course Details


Live Virtual Class
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Sep 11, 2020
Sep 12, 2020

More Information

Language: English, Russian

Course Topics

Agile Product Management

Why is Agility important for your organisation? What is the difference between projects and products? Aligning Vision, mission and strategies.

Value-Driven Development

What is value and how do we drive product development using value? Understanding empirical process control and metrics. Explore the Product Owner as a "Value Maximiser", the traits & skills of a Product Owner.

Scrum Theory

Why do you need Scrum? How does Scrum work and what are the underlying principles? How does empiricism control risk and provide predictability in complex environments.

The Scrum Framework

How is empirical process control implemented in Scrum using time-boxes, roles and artifacts? You will experience why the Scrum framework is structured as it is and how you can use Scrum effectively.

Product Backlog management

Strategies and techniques for creating and ordering the Product backlog. Refining techniques, creating user stories, techniques for sizing the Product Backlog, different ways to show the progress at different levels.

Product Development

How do we merge the ideation phase of product development with the realisation done by the Scrum team?

Release Management

How predictably create releases while dealing with complexity of changing requirements. Explore how and when to do Release Planning; explain the purpose of velocity, how to forecast and fund product initiatives.

Professional Scrum Product Owner certification

To become a Certified Scrum Product Owner, the attendees need to pass the PSPO exam. This is an online exam for which the price is included in the course.pspo badge

Preparation for the training:

To get the best Return on Investment on this training, participants are advised to:

  • Read the Scrum Guide.
  • Read a book about Scrum such as "Software in 30 days" or "Agile Project Management with Scrum".
  • General knowledge of product management.
  • Have some experience in product management.

Additional information

The language of the training is English or Dutch spoken. Course material is in English.

The following is included in the training fee:

  • Registration at
  • Two attempts for the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) I certification exam (if taken within 14 days of the course)
  • $ 100 discount for the PSPO II certification exam
  • An electronic copy of the course materials


Due to Covid-19, this training is delivered in an on-line format. But don't worry, it will be agreat learning experience!

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