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Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced

Live Virtual Class, April 3-4, 2024

Class Overview

PSPO Advanced certification course

The Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced (PSPO-A) class is designed to empower experienced Product Owners and help them expand their abilities in establishing a solid vision for their organizations. This class recognizes the crucial role that Product Owners play in the success of an organization and focuses on enhancing their skills to deliver maximum value to stakeholders.

In this class, Product Owners will:

  • Gain valuable insights on validating hypotheses and delivering more value to stakeholders.
  • Deepen their understanding of the Product Owner role by exploring its various stances.
  • Explore a range of Product Ownership practices applicable beyond the classroom.
  • Receive an introduction to Agile Product Management, integrating agile principles into their responsibilities.

What's Included:

  • Four half-days of instruction.
  • One free attempt to earn the globally recognized PSPO II certification.
  • Access to the full slide deck and complementary materials used during the course.


  • Upon completing the course, participants will receive an exam code from for taking the PSPO II exam.
  • The exam code will be provided within 48 hours.

PMI PDU Credits:

  • Students attending the PSPO class are eligible to claim 14 Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credits.
  • Please note that PMI PDUs are earned for course attendance, not for passing a assessment.
  • The Professional Scrum Product Owner Advanced class provides a practical learning experience, combining theory and practical exercises to equip Product Owners with advanced skills. By expanding their knowledge and abilities, Product Owners can establish a solid vision and drive organizational success. The inclusion of a free attempt at the PSPO II certification exam allows Product Owners to validate their expertise and further enhance their professional credentials. Additionally, students may be eligible to claim PMI PDUs, contributing to their professional development requirements.

Class Details



Delivery Method

Live Virtual Class
Time Zone: America/Chicago
Start/End Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Start: April 3, 2024
End: April 4, 2024

Class Format



Rebel Scrum

Registration & Price

Price: USD 1295

Registration for this class has closed

More Information

 Mary Iqbal trainer

About Mary Iqbal

Mary Iqbal brings a wealth of expertise as an Agile Transformation Manager, where she played a pivotal role in improving the adoption of agile frameworks for over 50 agile teams at a prominent healthcare company. She successfully led the organization through a transformative journey, enabling teams to embrace agile methodologies and achieve remarkable results.

In addition to her Agile Transformation Management experience, Mary has acted as a Scrum Master for Scrum teams, providing guidance and support in implementing Scrum practices effectively. Furthermore, she has served as an agile coach for Kanban teams, leveraging her expertise to optimize workflow management and drive continuous improvement.

Mary's exceptional leadership skills and proficiency in Scrum practices have consistently delivered tangible results. She has successfully doubled the business line of a data processing organization and implemented new technologies as primary platforms for consumer products companies, enhancing their competitiveness and driving growth.

Beyond her professional achievements, Mary's passion for promoting Scrum practices and knowledge sharing is evident through her role as the organizer of the annual Scrum Day conference in Madison, Wisconsin. This conference serves as a platform for industry professionals to gather, exchange insights, and further advance their understanding of Scrum.

Driven by her commitment to enhancing team performance, Mary founded Rebel Scrum, a company dedicated to providing comprehensive group Scrum training and consulting services. Through Rebel Scrum, she empowers teams to embrace Scrum methodologies, optimize their performance levels, and achieve outstanding outcomes.

With her extensive experience, leadership abilities, and dedication to promoting Agile transformations, Mary Iqbal is an invaluable asset for organizations aiming to navigate the dynamic business landscape and maximize their success through the implementation of agile methodologies.


The Professional Scrum Product Owner class is delivered remotely via Zoom, providing a convenient and accessible learning experience for participants. To enhance engagement and interactivity during in-class activities, the course utilizes a shared electronic whiteboard. This dynamic digital tool allows participants to collaborate effectively, visualize concepts, and actively participate in hands-on exercises. By leveraging the shared electronic whiteboard, the class creates an engaging and interactive environment that fosters collaboration and maximizes the learning potential for Product Owners. Despite the remote delivery, the integration of the shared electronic whiteboard ensures that participants can actively engage with the course material and have a rich and interactive learning experience.  Participants will receive an email with zoom information immediately after signup.