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Finally I passed the PSM II Assessment today after 4 repeated failed attempts.

Last post 03:27 am August 8, 2022 by Ashish Darji
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11:01 pm August 18, 2017

I have finally passed the PSM II Assessment and earned the Certificate today after 4 repeated failed attempts. :) Man, it is really really tough to get through in spite of having 4 years experience in using Scrum and I'm relieved now.

But I was able to pass the PSM I on first attempt though.

05:53 pm August 22, 2017

Congrats ! 

Could you please provide study tips?




11:50 pm August 22, 2017

Congratulations !! I have passed PSM 1 on first attempt and planning to give the PSM 2.

I am really tensed as I dont know where to start and how to get through.

Any direction would be of great. Thanks in advance.


10:38 am August 24, 2017

Almost the same here. PSMI on the first attempt. But failed PSMII three times before I finally succeeded. What really drove me almost crazy was the fact that in all of those failed attempts I was always only one correct answer away from passing ;-)

Although I find it hard to explain how to actually learn for the exam except for having lots of practice, reading books and think about the real life problems and suggested solutions you gonna learn about reading the community forums.

04:55 pm August 24, 2017

Hi Ashok Kumar/Steven

Which are good books that you recommend to clear PSM II exam?


06:22 pm August 25, 2017

About 60-70% of the assessment questions are based on the real time scenario ones. Moreover majority of the questions and in some cases even the answers are really really long to read and understand before you could answer them. So like Steven mentioned if you've got some real time experience in applying Scrum into your software development products/projects.

Having said that I would like share the following steps and resources which could help you clear the PSM II assessment.

1. Make sure you've gone through all of your resources you did with PSM I and refresh your understanding all over again.

2. Focus more on the PSM II specific topics such as Coaching and Facilitation, Cross-Functional, Self-Organizing Teams, Product Backlog management, Maximizing Value and DoD.

3. Apart from the above topics there are some questions that are based on the Scaling Scrum and so you would need to have the understanding of Nexus Guide.

4. I didn't read any specific books or gone through any course or training. However reading at least of the suggested books mentioned on the for PSM II subject areas on the topics which I specified in step #2 :… and…

5. Practice all of the Open Assessments including the Nexus Open on You can also practice them from other sites by Mikhail Lapshin ( and Management Plaza (…). But they are primarily PSM I focused.

6. You could these additional resources:

Simon Kneafsey's site:…. He also has got a small set of practice test. site:

Webgate site:…


Hope these resources would help you get past your PSM II assessment. Good luck to you all who are trying to pass PSM II.


- Ashok


06:29 pm August 25, 2017

One last thing I forgot to mention is that, I had gone through a lot of useful Blogs, Articles, Videos and Forum Threads on to better my understanding of Scrum and its practices. I believe that also improved my overall understanding of Scrum.


- Ashok


01:45 am August 27, 2017

Thanks for sharing Ashok!!

That would be really useful.


02:05 am August 27, 2017

Good tips Ashok and congrats. I just passed the PSM II test today too. PSM II has a much stronger emphasis on application. I think the increased difficulty of the assessment and the focus on getting results through Scrum lends credibility to this certification. 

05:18 pm August 28, 2017

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and tips on PSM II - and CONGRATULATIONS on getting certified! :)

03:53 pm August 29, 2017

Congratulations!!!! =D

05:09 pm September 1, 2017

Congrats All and thank you for sharing! I just passed PSM I and will start the plan for PSM II. 

08:42 am September 5, 2017

Congratulations Ashok and thanks for sharing the tips.

10:30 pm September 6, 2017

Congratulations Ashok.

Many thanks for you advice!

12:55 pm September 9, 2017

Congratulations Ashokkumar and thanks for sharing your experience in PSM II assesment.

10:19 pm November 18, 2017


Are PSM II questions multiple choice ? Also is PSM II Open book exam ?

Am preparing for PSM II but am not sure where to practice for mock tests.

Please advice.

05:43 pm November 20, 2017

Kumar - PSM II is mostly made up of multiple choice questions.  I had one or two True/False.  For the multiple choice, sometimes you have to choose more than one answer.  There are no essay questions, such as found in PSM III.

There are no mock tests that I am aware of that will help you.  Make sure you go thru the's SPS and PSPO open assessments, and understand scaling concepts.

Let us know how you do.



04:57 am November 21, 2017

Thanks so much Chris for the info. 

02:45 pm November 24, 2017

Are there any particular books that provides scenarios of scaling or its concepts? I know the Less site has some but other than that I am not sure. Suggestions?

12:31 pm November 25, 2017

I have not come across any good Nexus books to date, but there is one that looks promising that comes out in December:

07:12 am November 27, 2017

Hearty Congratulations to Ashok. Appreciate OPENESS from you which is one value of Scrum.

Vital inputs from you and all in comments for my PSM II.

10:55 am August 9, 2018

I passed PSM II at the first attempt with an 88.6% score. All questions were fairly tough. You absolutely need real-time experience to do well in this assessment. Scrum guide is 'the' Bible as always. I paired it up with 2 books -

1. Scrum Insights For Practitioners by Hiren Doshi  - A must read as it clarifies plenty of doubts that may cross your mind while studying the scrum guide.

2. Scrum  A pocket guide by Gunther Verheyen. - This will strengthen your understanding of scrum multifold.

I would suggest that if you are PSM 2, study the concept of scaling as well. A fairly good understanding of scaling is required to pass PSM 2.

09:03 am September 21, 2018

Thanks for sharing your experience yajnaseni, I tried searching Scrum Pocket guide ebook version but didn't find this. Is it available online as well?

07:58 am December 26, 2018

Hi Ashokkumar 

I am planning to go for PSM 2 in upcoming month

Can u tell.. what kind of scenarios are asked in real time exam.. about scrum..

Any example will help us.. for understanding to dept of understanding needed

Thanks :)


08:04 pm April 26, 2020

Took 1st attempt at PSM I yesterday and I passed. I am now starting to prepare for PSM II. Would like to have some insights and tips on how to prepare myself for it.

07:09 pm May 28, 2020

Hello Folks,

I took a online mock tests - Scrum Master II exam prep.  The questions seemed to be brief, PSM I level.  The course received good reviews.  People said they passed PSM II after they took the test.

Can someone shed some light as to what to whether this is a good simulation and is this what you can expect in the REAL PSM II.



02:45 pm May 29, 2020

PSMII It's really difficult, I failed once, and passed the second 

08:55 am June 9, 2020

Thanks Ashok for informative input

04:53 pm June 10, 2020

The best piece of advice I can offer is to look at the PSM2 suggested reading material and subject areas covered and read and study these areas. The PSM2 is not something that is easy to pass off a practice exam found online. The PSM2 tests your experience as a Scrum Master, not book knowledge of what a Scrum Master should do.

01:24 am June 17, 2020

Do one needs to pay $250 for each attempt of the PSM II exam?

01:42 am June 17, 2020

@Abhirup, yes, it is $250 per attempt unless you take the PSM II class which includes a free attempt at the exam and if you take the test within 14 days of the end of the class and do not pass, a second attempt is provided at no cost.  If you are only taking the test, then each purchase is valid for 1 attempt.

01:47 am June 17, 2020

@ Eric can you please suggest the webpage which has the details of PSM II class?

Also during COVID, are there any virtual options available?

02:41 am June 17, 2020

The class details are here: that class does require at least 1 year of Scrum Master experience as well.  


Yes, we are running virtual classes.

07:23 am August 19, 2020

Hello and thank you for your advices, is there any complete exam simulator for PSM II? Dedicated for PSM II?



06:22 am September 28, 2020

Dear @Ashok,

It was really courageous to share your real journey. Only a few people talk about their failure story. Disclosing about your 5th attempts on this huge platform is really the encouragement of the others who give up in 2-3 attempt. Hatts off SIR...

12:03 pm March 26, 2021


please s is there any  exams simulator for PSM II? please need your Help


12:52 am July 16, 2021



Completely new to the site and Scrum in general, so just wanted to say hello.


Passed the PSM I Exam first time yesterday and am looking to move onto PSM II over the next month, some great advice and resources mentioned in this thread.

09:11 pm November 3, 2021

Can someone explain the similiarities and differences between the PAL I vs PSM II?

04:32 pm August 6, 2022

Hello Folks:

Suggested Book 1 (Scrum Insights For Practitioners by Hiren Doshi ) Link:…

Suggested Book 2 (Scrum  A pocket guide by Gunther Verheyen) Link:…

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